Diet Mistakes On Valentine’s Day, But Gain Was Fairly Minimal

This is now the third day on my new diet, and all 3 days are break days, as well. I’d like to get some idea of what kind of results I can get on this new diet without exercising. Then, I will estimate how much I probably need to average daily and start doing some daily tracking that combines this new diet with the exercise sessions.

Historically, I have not taken many break days since starting Pentamize tracking. This is because I routinely got such poor results that I was afraid that taking many days off would require a taxing recovery. However, with this new diet, it seems like I suddenly have a chance to possibly break even without running at all. So I feel less pressure now and am taking the chance to go a few days without exercise while also tracking the results of the new diet.

Here are the updated results, including today. I will explain today’s poor results below the update.

Start 79.0 kg
Day 1: gained .3 kg
Day 2: lost .2 kg
Day 3: gained .3 kg
79.4 and gained .4 kg

This would have normally been a really bad day to take a break. But since I am in the middle of testing the new diet, I decided to just live with the results. I did eat one bigger meal today because it was Valentine’s Day. And that was the last meal.

I was doing fine and following my new “snacks only” routine. But we had a bigger dinner, and I suddenly found myself 1.9 kg over the starting weight. That put me in the Danger Zone, and I knew I was in trouble. Even with exercise, I often gain weight on the day when getting close to 2.0 kg.

At 2 p.m., I was only 79.6 kg. That was a marvelous start. After that, I only had 2 small snacks before the dinner meal. But that last one shot me right up to 81.0 kg.

I did not work out in the morning, and I actually was expecting much worse results because this was another break day. But I somehow went down to 79.7 overnight. That kind of drop is pretty unusual, but it could be possibly explained by the fact that a good deal of the meal was a coke. A coke can quickly increase your body weigh and daily increase, but most of that weight is expected to come off in a few hours. This is probably at least one of the reasons I dropped so fast overnight.

With 3 more hours to go, I had a typical weight loss over that period and ended the day at 79.4 kg, or a weight gain of .3 kg. It feels like I dodged a bullet and only got nicked.

Tomorrow, the plan is to get back to small snacks all day and forget what just happened. I don’t want to punish myself here for enjoying Valentine’s Day just a little.

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