Actually Lost Weight Today With No Exercise And New Diet

This is my second day with no yogurt, and I am also out of meatballs. For some reason, I sensed that it was time to make a diet change. Yesterday was okay for a break day if judging by my usual results. With a run of only about 30 minutes, I probably would have broken even or maybe lost some.

My days with no yogurt started at a weigh of 79.0. I rose to 79.3 yesterday, but I actually lost .2 kg today. So overall, I am up .1 kg with 2 break days.

In order to get a variety of tracking numbers (some with exercise and some without), I have decided to stop running for at least a few days. This will give me the opportunity to hopefully establish an estimated baseline with no exercise. That is, can I break even on this new diet with no exercise? Will I average a gain of .2 or a loss of .1? Whatever it is, I can then estimate a workout duration based upon my extensive Pentamize tracking. In the recent cold weather, that would be roughly .3 kg per half hour of jogging. It can be more or less, but this is a reasonable estimate.

Besides no longer eating yogurt and meatballs, the other main thing I am doing is NEVER eating a big meal or even a medium-sized meal. Now, I am eating what would probably be best characterized as snacks instead of meals. I don’t count calories, but these snacks (meaning “small meal” in this context, so I don’t mean the junk-food type of snack) weigh roughly .2 kg. Of course, this is going to differ based on the type of food that I am eating. Also, I am typically eating only one type of food at a time. I am not saying you should not eat a casserole or something. This blog is mostly a discussion of what diet is working or not working for me. You’ll have to do your own testing to determine the foods that work best for you.

These are the snacks that I had today:

1. a smallish roll with raisins in it:

2. about 30 french fries;

3. an agg with about 100 grams of fish (a little food mixing here, as I am not setting a rigid rule);

4. 4 or so tablespoons of rice;

Note: I ate the above by about 2:30 in the afternoon.

5. another roll;

6. a few leaves of green vegetables in sour soup and about .1 kg of meat in the soup; and

7. 3 small chicken patties.

I did not weigh in during the day, but my weight was 79.7 with about 3 hours to go before the morning weigh-in. Over those 3 hours, I went to the bathroom some and lost some additional natural weight. I dropped a bunch to 79.1 kg, which meant a daily weight loss of .2 kg.

New Diet Net Weight Gain Or Loss On Break Days: gained .1 kg

I will continue with no exercise for a while. However, there is no specific timetable yet.

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