Temporarily Suspending 100-Day Test To Focus On New Diet Techniques

Something unexpected has happened that has caused me to suspend my 100-day test of flexible exercise. It is Monday, February 12, 2018, and I may have discovered a key moment on diet. So I need to focus on this now because it has the potential to dramatically reduce my required exercise time.

I have always been uncomfortable having to run 90 minutes on almost a daily basis just to maintain. This is for maintenance mode, not full weight loss mode. When I was about 50 to 70 pounds overweight, I was losing a lot of that extra baggage without having to constantly run for 90 minutes. But after losing most of that excess weight, it seems I have to work out even more to maintain. But this has been my observation without ever changing diet.

Today, I did gain .3 kg. However, I did it with no exercise at all. This was somewhat of a surprise, as I am very often .5 kg or more over on break days and even pop up close to 1 kg over on particularly bad days.

I got to thinking about what may be different on this day and noted that I only had one cup of my usual .25 kg yogurt. I also had no meatballs today. The yogurt and meatballs have been something I have eaten virtually every day for close to years now. I have always known that these 2 foods are not the most nutritious choices (the yogurt has quite a bit of sugary fruit added). But since I did lose over 60 pounds eating this stuff, I made the decision to stick with them. That now has to be seriously reconsidered.

Since I did gain .3 kg today, there is obviously not enough information to go on as far as my diet changes and how successful they might be (although I am writing this a few days late, and things are looking good). But today, something clicked in my mind that cutting out the yogurt might actually help me a lot in reducing how much exercise I have to do to achieve successful weight maintenance.

I have made the decision to not go to the store and buy any of that yogurt. The day after today, I also decided not to get any of the meatballs, either.

In tomorrow’s blog, you will see that I actually lost weight while again not exercising. It is also a good time to do this because of my sore and sprained ankle.

Going forward, I will have to run some and see if it’s possible to maintain this diet with exercise. Sometimes, exercise can cause you to eat more, so that does have to be tested. The hope is to have regular runs of 30 to 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes, with longer runs reserved for recovery from cheat days.

I ended the day at 79.3 kg, up from 79.0. I ate about 3 chicken patties, a pizza weighing about .35 kg, 3 small rolls, an apple, a banana, a few crackers, and about 25 or 30 french fries. I ate small meals all day long, with the pizza being the biggest meal and probably too big. I’ll try to have only small snacks from now on.

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