Post By Email Testing

Jetpack’s Post By Email is a really handy feature. But the main problem I am having with it is that I try to compose an email in Rich Text that includes some HTML with text and image links, but the links only appear in blue. The image is not visible. I can’t figure out how to get the image to actually show up as an image and the hyperlinks to appear as hyperlinks. Instead, they just show up as blue cllickable links, with the HTML appearing as plain text. This won’t work for publishing to actual human beings.

I am trying a partial workaround with this email. I will attach the image using Gmail’s attachment feature, but the problem with this is that I need to use some specific HTML links. Changing that HTML is against the program’s rules, so this can’t be done unless your only real purpose is to show an image that is not clickable.

I am sending this by email and will see if the cookie shows up in the WordPress post and in the Facebook post.

The second part of this test is to use the Gmail Insert link feature to see if it appears as a clickable hyperlink in WordPress and Facebook. The link is below.

Sample Hyperlink

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