Day 460 – Christmas Eve Cheat Day And Don’t Care One Bit

Day 460

Today happens to be Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017. It’s a cheat day, and I don’t give a darn. I have never removed cheat days from my weight loss or maintenance even in full weight loss mode. However, I would like to talk a little today about what I mean by a cheat day because there can be different kinds. Also, it is important to differentiate between a simple snack or diet mistake or bad diet choice and a cheat day. I lose discipline and make loads of bad diet choices. What allows me to maintain my weight, though, is having very few cheat days.

I am in for some hard work soon. I have decided to have both a cheat day and break day since it didn’t feel right running at 10 in the morning on Christmas Day. It was either make the bacon or eggs or go running. Making the food seemed like a better time for the holidays than running yet again.

This is my first break day of the 100-day test. There certainly won’t be many, but you have to take them sometimes. I suppose some people could take 2 breaks days a week and still lose or maintain their weight. That would be a very hard thing for me to do at this point in time. I don’t think it’s possible for me to maintain like that if close to my target weight. However, I did have many light 30-minute workouts in full weight loss mode. I would gain weight on those days overall. So I can at least presume that break days would be even worse. Let’s put it this way. In the course of my Pentamize tracking, I believe I have lost weight on a break day one time. I might be forgetting one time and believe I did break even on one break day. All of the others and even most days with a low-intensity 30-minute workout showed a weight gain.

Differentiating Between a Snack And Cheat Day

When I say I don’t take many cheat days, that means days when I eat anything I want and in my pretty much any amount desired. It does not necessarily mean completely stuffing myself. I will exercise a modicum of discipline even on most cheat days. But when I do have one, it’s with the specific purpose of letting my hair down and enjoying myself. I don’t bother much with doing Pentamize tracking during the day and just gain whatever weight I gain. Again, though, it does not necessarily mean that I am trying to win a professional eater award, either. There is some discipline there in my mind, but it’s an awfully lose discipline. I’ll let my stomach get full but stop short of making myself sick from overeating.

Conversely, a snack of bad food, such as chips or 2 or 3 cookies, is something that I have on a frequent basis. I even have them on days when I lose weight. But these snacks are not like some people’s snacks. I am talking about a weight of .1 kg or possibly .2 kg for a snack. I don’t bother counting calories. One good snack is a bag of microwave popcorn, which usually weighs about .1 kg. I don’t recommend this every day or anything like that. But it’s an example of a snack you can eat on a fairly frequent basis and still lose or maintain weight.

Eating half a cake is not going to cut it. That will probably ruin your efforts. So when I say snack, that means a small snack. And if you keep them small enough, you can have a snack of even bad food on more or less a daily basis.

There is a psychological issue that I like to mention here. You may be the type of person that eats a little of a bad snack, and that snowballs into an even bigger snack because trying even a little of something causes you to lose control and eat more of it. In this situation, you may have to abstain from eating snacks that are comprised of junk food or other fatty stuff. You will have to test this for yourself and gauge your own level of discipline.

The numbers below look really bad now, but it’s because of today’s cheat day. I will be making this up in the ensuing days like I always do. It’s also very unusual for me to have two cheat days and a break day in a span of only 20 days. I have figured out a long time ago that that is too much food for me. And I also rarely have break days.

Results Through Day 20:

Day 1 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 2 – 70 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.6 to 76.8
Day 3 – 64 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.8 to 77.0
Day 4 – 89 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.0 to 76.8
Day 5 – 75 minutes – gained .3 kg – 76.8 to 77.1
Day 6 – 90 minutes – gained .5 kg – 77.1 to 77.6
Day 7 – 90 minutes – lost .9 kg – 77.6 to 76.7
Day 8 – 90 minutes – gained 1.5 kg – 76.7 to 78.2 (cheat day)
Day 9 – 90 minutes – lost .1 kg – 78.2 to 78.1
Day 10 – 90 minutes – lost .7 kg – 78.1 to 77.4
Day 11 – 90 minutes – gained .2 kg – 77.4 to 77.6
Day 12 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.6 to 77.2
Day 13 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.2 to 76.8
Day 14 – 90 minutes – broke even – 76.8 to 76.8
Day 15 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 16 – 90 minutes – gained .6 kg – 76.8 to 77.2
Day 17 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.2 to 77.0
Day 18 – 87 minutes – lost .1 kg – 77.0 to 76.9
Day 19 – 84 minutes – gained .1 kg – 76.9 to 77.0
Day 20 – 0 minutes – gained 1.7 kg – 77.0 to 78.7 (combined cheat day and break day)
gained 1.9 kg (two cheat days and one break day)
minutes saved from max of 90 – 161
1639 minutes total
average run time – 82 minutes

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