Day 459 – Gained a Little Weight By Starting Christmas Cheating a Few Hours Too Early

It’s currently December 23, 2017, and I can literally feel the diet discipline slipping away. LOL. I may have a partial cheat day today even though I was supposed to abstain until tomorrow (meaning eat as I normally would, but not starve).

It’s 5 in the afternoon, and I have risen 1.7 kg, from 76.9 to 78.6. However, I just had two cups of strawberry smoothies. Drinking smoothies tends to quickly increase your weight. But that weight tends to come right back off pretty efficiently over a daily tracking period, based upon my history of drinking smoothies and using my Pentamize tracking techniques. So we’ll have to see what happens. But I will definitely be eating at least a little more food tonight.

By bedtime, my daily weight increase had gone up to 2.2 kg. I was 79.1 kg. This is not a cheat day per se, but I kind of lost some control there while not originally intending to do that. I mean, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and that cheat day is already planned. I don’t feel bad at all about having that cheat day, but maintaining control today would have been the preferred decision.

Passing the Danger Zone of 2.0 and increasing by at least 2.2 is often going to mean a little weight gain even if running for 90 minutes. It’s even riskier if I run for only an hour. Note that a 30-minute run is almost pointless for me, and that is why I don’t usually mention such a short run. If you have not read all or most of my other blog posts (few people have the time to do that), just know that I recently actually gained weight when running intentionally slower 60-minute runs. When I say “slower,” I still mean medium intensity, but on the lower end of medium intensity. A low-intensity one-hour run would be completely worthless in my personal experience. I know this from my own Pentamize tracking. This is why you rarely hear me blogging about running for only 30 minutes, and something like 15 minutes would not even be worth the time. However, that might work for you, which is why I always say that you have to test and track everything to find out what is right for you.

Although I am happy with my 100-day test, the difficulty lately has been in losing very little weight overnight. I have even seen that metric dip to a weight loss of only .4 kg overnight in at least one case. That is dreadful, and I don’t really know the physical or scientific reason for this. But today, it got a lot better than recent numbers. Despite a poor diet day, I lost 1.0 kg overnight. That dropped me to 78.1 kg and helped me avoid a potentially really bad day. But at that point, I was still 1.2 kg over. Lately, it’s hard to squeeze out 1.2 kg from a 90-minute run. So I was still likely to gain a little weight today.

My estimate was correct. I lost 1.0 kg from the run, which put me at 77.1 kg. I got one more tenth of a kilogram out of me by going to the bathroom, which allowed me to finish the day at 77.0 kg. That was the minimal weight gain of .1 kg today. The combination of good overnight weight loss and not-so-bad exercise loss helped me avoid a really bad day. This really should happen every day, and I would find it easy to maintain weight when I don’t make unnecessary diet mistakes. Unfortunately, it’s just not this easy every day. The lack of overnight weight loss hurts me again and again, but I am still maintaining by working hard.

Note: I actually ran 84 minutes today, finishing 6 minutes earlier than expected. Who knows whether I would have broken even if running the extra 6 minutes, but I am not going to worry about it.

Results Through Day 19:

Day 1 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 2 – 70 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.6 to 76.8
Day 3 – 64 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.8 to 77.0
Day 4 – 89 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.0 to 76.8
Day 5 – 75 minutes – gained .3 kg – 76.8 to 77.1
Day 6 – 90 minutes – gained .5 kg – 77.1 to 77.6
Day 7 – 90 minutes – lost .9 kg – 77.6 to 76.7
Day 8 – 90 minutes – gained 1.5 kg – 76.7 to 78.2 (cheat day)
Day 9 – 90 minutes – lost .1 kg – 78.2 to 78.1
Day 10 – 90 minutes – lost .7 kg – 78.1 to 77.4
Day 11 – 90 minutes – gained .2 kg – 77.4 to 77.6
Day 12 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.6 to 77.2
Day 13 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.2 to 76.8
Day 14 – 90 minutes – broke even – 76.8 to 76.8
Day 15 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 16 – 90 minutes – gained .6 kg – 76.8 to 77.2
Day 17 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.2 to 77.0
Day 18 – 87 minutes – lost .1 kg – 77.0 to 76.9
Day 19 – 84 minutes – gained .1 kg – 76.9 to 77.0
gained .2 kg (one cheat day and no break days)
minutes saved from max of 90 – 71
1639 minutes total
average run time – 86 minutes

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