Day 456 – One Of the Worst Days Ever And Cannot Understand It

I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculously disappointing today turned out to be. Worse yet, there is nothing that really stands out for me to understand why such a day happens. Yes, I did eat more today, and it would not have been surprising to gain a small amount of weight, like .1 to .2 kg. But it was far worse than that, presumably due to a variety of factors that are impossible to totally understand. I gained .6 kg despite running for 90 minutes and NOT having a cheat day. However, at the end of the day, the real goal always remains the same: keep doing what you already know works. As the days after this progressed, I was already on the road to recovery.

The day started out very good on a psychological level. Yesterday, I finally completely recovered from the recent cheat day and was back to a net weight loss on my 100-day test. So I was just hoping to have a decent day and break even or lose a little. In fact, I was hoping to possibly finally run less than 90 minutes. That did not happen, either. I ended up having to run 90 minutes due to my food intake being too high to have a shorter run.

At 3 in the afternoon, my weight had risen to 77.9 kg, or 1.3 kg over. That is generally too much unless I am able to have 2 to 3 rather small snacks/meals the rest of the day. Often, I can do that. But I was a little too hungry for that today and ate too much. Eventually, I surpassed the 2.0 kg Danger Zone, getting up to something like 78.8 kg (2.2 kg increase) or slightly higher.

After eating too much, I was able to drop a little weight before sleeping. I was down to about 78.4 kg, or 1.8 kg over for the day. Dropping that little weight was very helpful and got me back on track to possibly even breaking even for the day. But it all went downhill after that.

Inexplicably, I lost only about .4 kg overnight. That is an official disaster. Even running faster than average, there would be almost no way to lose 1.4 kg during a 90-minute run at this point in my history. I used to average that, particularly in hotter weather, but it’s rarely happening these days. To top it off, I was running low on energy and didn’t even feel like running. One thing I am not, though, is lazy about running.

I did manage to drop to 77.3 after the run, for a loss of 1.1 kg or so (better than expected). And to finish the day off, I went to the bathroom and weighed in at 77.2 kg. That overnight weight loss (I should say “lack of” here) had already done the damage. Despite a decent exercise result, I gained .6 kg today. It’s that lack of overnight weight loss that I cannot and maybe never will understand. But to lose or maintain weight, you don’t have to understand everything. Just learn what works and stick to it. And as can be seen from my results, I always recover from these bad days.

Results Through Day 16:

Day 1 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 2 – 70 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.6 to 76.8
Day 3 – 64 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.8 to 77.0
Day 4 – 89 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.0 to 76.8
Day 5 – 75 minutes – gained .3 kg – 76.8 to 77.1
Day 6 – 90 minutes – gained .5 kg – 77.1 to 77.6
Day 7 – 90 minutes – lost .9 kg – 77.6 to 76.7
Day 8 – 90 minutes – gained 1.5 kg – 76.7 to 78.2 (cheat day)
Day 9 – 90 minutes – lost .1 kg – 78.2 to 78.1
Day 10 – 90 minutes – lost .7 kg – 78.1 to 77.4
Day 11 – 90 minutes – gained .2 kg – 77.4 to 77.6
Day 12 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.6 to 77.2
Day 13 – 90 minutes – lost .4 kg – 77.2 to 76.8
Day 14 – 90 minutes – broke even – 76.8 to 76.8
Day 15 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 16 – 90 minutes – gained .6 kg – 76.8 to 77.2
gained .4 kg (one cheat day and no break days)
minutes saved from max of 90 – 62
1378 minutes total
average run time – about 86 minutes

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