First Day After Cheat Day Is An Overall Success

Day 449

This is the first day after a cheat day, which is often very good because the extra weight sometimes naturally falls off due to normal digestion. Of course, I always aid this along by working out, anyway. I could count on one hand the number of times taking a break day right after a cheat day. I may be undisciplined at times when it comes to diet, but I darn sure know it’s time to exercise after a cheat day.

I like to run before taking the first meal of the day. But I am married, and my wife sometimes has me eat with her. So I ended up eating some yogurt and oatmeal before running.

Before having that meal, my weight was 78.5 kg. That is much better than usual for that time of day because my starting weight was 78.2, meaning that I was only up .3 kg on the day at that time. And this was about 5 hours before weigh-in time. Thus, if I had not exercised and had not eating anything until weigh-in time, it’s possible that I would have broken even or even lost a little weight on this first day after a cheat day. This is exactly what I was referring to in the first paragraph. It is very common to have a big recovery the first day. But you have to remember that you need to spur this recovery along with an exercise session. It may be better than the usual day, but it’s not enough to even remotely come close to getting rid of all the weight that you just gained.

My goal is usually to max out my exercise workouts until getting back to the pre-cheat-day weight. This time, that weight is 76.7 for me. Thus, I have very long ways to go to get back down there.

Before running, I also had a cup of coffee and went to the bathroom. The eating plus going to the bathroom balanced out to a pre-run weight of 79.0 kg. That definitely put an end to having a huge day of weight loss for this first post-cheating recovery day. Without that extra meal, I likely would have lost more than .5 kg.

Conditions were not good today for running. It was snowing the entire time. For part of the run, I ran under the nearby stadium roof. For me, though, running in a circle like that for an hour and a half is monotonous. So when the snowfall lightened up a little, I decided to run around town. That was the last 40 minutes of the run. The snow was melting, so my feet got totally drenched. These are usually not good conditions for maximizing weight loss during a workout.

In this case, I did a little better than expected and lost about .9 kg. It was time to weigh in right away, so my final weight today was 78.1 kg. That is a loss of .1 kg. All things considered, that is not bad even though it would usually be a lot better the day after a cheat day. Given the extra meal, though, this seems just fine. However, I should attempt to eat less for Day 450 to make up for that extra meal.

Results Through Day 9:

Day 1 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 2 – 70 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.6 to 76.8
Day 3 – 64 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.8 to 77.0
Day 4 – 89 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.0 to 76.8
Day 5 – 75 minutes – gained .3 kg – 76.8 to 77.1
Day 6 – 90 minutes – gained .5 kg – 77.1 to 77.6
Day 7 – 90 minutes – lost .9 kg – 77.6 to 76.7
Day 8 – 90 minutes – gained 1.5 kg – 76.7 to 78.2 (cheat day)
Day 9 – 90 minutes – lost .1 kg – 78.2 to 78.1
gained 1.3 kg overall
minutes saved from max of 90 – 62
748 minutes total
average run time – about 82 minutes

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