One Of The Best Days Ever Right After One Of The Worst

Day 447

In the Day 446 blog post, I talked about having a terrible day where I gained .5 kg even when doing a running session for 90 minutes. More importantly, I discussed how daily tracking can be very misleading, causing you unnecessary grief. Read this blog post to understand more about why you should not rely on one or two days of bad results to the extent that it is going to get you down and negatively affect your weight maintenance (weight loss if you are still losing).

Today’s blog post is also a very good example of why you should just keep going. I lost all of the weight gained yesterday plus an additional .4 kg. So one of my worst days ever (yesterday) was immediately followed by one of my best days ever. This is a striking example of how keeping a good attitude and not quitting over short-term bad results is what you need to do to maintain or lose weight.

Not surprisingly, part of today’s success was simply eating less. At 6 in the evening, my weight was only up to 78.4. That is one of the lowest increases of daily weight that I have seen by that time of the day. It was only a .8 kg increase by that time. With such a small increase, though, I was still a little hungry.

I was definitely not starving today. But at the same time, it seemed important to have a good day for 2 reasons: to counter the bad weight gain from yesterday and to at least somewhat minimize tomorrow’s cheat day. I have already decided to include cheat days in the 100-day test. This will push me to probably run 90 minutes every day for a while. But that is understandable when you are recovering from a cheat day.

After 6 today, I had another meal and increased to approximately 78.9 kg. Like yesterday, my weight did not drop much again overnight. This was the first bad thing to happen today in trying to recover from yesterday’s bad outing. But this is the only bad thing that happened all day. Everything else was great, including diet and exercise. I lost about 1.1 kg from the run instead of yesterday’s strangely low .7. This got my weight down to about 77.2 kg. Then, I had a little bit of time before weighing in. And my weight dropped even more, allowing me to finish the day at 76.7 kg. That was a huge loss of .9 after yesterday’s gain of .5.

The other good thing is that today’s results allowed me to get back to breakeven and to actually have lost .1 kg for the current 100-day test. However, things are definitely going to go up for a while because of tomorrow’s cheat day. So I will be in recovery and working hard to lose again after tomorrow. Note that a cheat day is not a break day. I will still be running.

Results Through Day 7:

Day 1 – 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.8 to 76.6
Day 2 – 70 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.6 to 76.8
Day 3 – 64 minutes – gained .2 kg – 76.8 to 77.0
Day 4 – 89 minutes – lost .2 kg – 77.0 to 76.8
Day 5 – 75 minutes – gained .3 kg – 76.8 to 77.1
Day 6 – 90 minutes – gained .5 kg – 77.1 to 77.6
Day 7 – 90 minutes – lost .9 kg – 77.6 to 76.7
lost .1 kg overall
minutes saved from max of 90 – 62
568 minutes total
average run time – about 81 minutes

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