First Day Of 100-Day Test Of Flexible Exercise Scheduling

Day 441

The big 100-day test has finally arrived. My starting weight is 76.8 kg. Here are the parameters and ground rules for this experiment:

1. I am going to determine on a daily basis what level of exercise is needed instead of sticking to a rigid schedule. This decision may be made at the last minute since my run is the last thing to do (besides going to the bathroom if needed) before each official weigh-in. For example, if I see that I need to lose 1.2 kg to break even, that’s usually a 90-minute run day. But if I have only .6 to break even, I can reduce to 60 minutes and still typically break even or possibly lose some.

2. All exercise sessions will be jogging, not weightlifting or anything else. I have already determined that jogging is the exercise type that works for me. So there will be attempting to reinvent that during this 100-day test.

3. I might run less than an hour, but I will never run for more than 90 minutes. Going over 1 1/2 hours is not good for me on a mental and emotional level. It makes the next day too hard. However, running less than 60 minutes is not very effective. So most runs will probably last at least an hour.

4. There are no specific factors for determining how long I need to run or how hard (intensity) that I will run on any particular day. However, it is highly likely that any recovery period after a cheat or break day will include mostly 90-minute runs in order to get back to what my weight was before the cheat day or break.

5. As usual, there will be very few cheat or break days. But they will all count in this 100-day test. So part of this test is to try to maintain weight and recover when necessary while also using a flexible exercise routine.

6. If I am on a streak of losing weight, then I may decide to run shorter on a day and see how it goes. Similarly, if I have just gained some weight the day before or am on a bad streak, then the general idea is to increase to a longer run to make that up. But no rigid rules are in place for this test. There is only the one main guideline, which is to do what I feel is necessary to achieve weight maintenance.

If I were still in full weight loss mode, then of course I would be working harder and would not be looking for ways to scale back on some days by running less. But since the idea is to maintain this weight maintenance lifestyle on a permanent basis, then running less than 90 minutes at least on some days certainly sounds like a good idea to help me maintain this lifestyle. Doing that almost every day becomes a difficult mental exercise, even if not an overly strenuous one from purely a physical standpoint. I just don’t like running 90 minutes almost every day. So it’s time to get this test done and see if it’s possible to have several 60- or 70-minute days per week (maybe even more than 50 percent of the time) and still maintain my weight.


By the end of this first day, I had gotten off to a good start with a weight loss of .2 kg, which put me at 76.6 kg. This was after a 90-minute run that was necessary because my weight only dropped from 78.6 to 78.0 overnight. That necessitated a long run.

My overnight weight loss was bad, but my run made up for it. I lost 1.2 kg. That put me at 76.8, and I then went to the bathroom and got down to 76.6, for a solid first day of my 100-day test.

Starting Weight: 76.8 kg
Day 1: 90 minutes – lost .2 kg – 76.6 kg – overall lost .2 kg

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