Recovered To 77.0; 100-Day Test Starts Tomorrow

Day 440

Today turned out very well, and I recovered from the slow 60-minute test and all recent cheat and break days. My 100-day test for flexible exercise sessions will begin tomorrow, which is Day 441. The test will end on Day 540 and will include all cheat and break days. These days will all be tracked and updated on the “100-Day Flexible Exercise Schedule Test Results” page. You can also read individual blog post for full information on that day and additional updates on the experiment.

Despite the great finish, my diet was not super today. However, I stayed below the 2.0 kg guideline, maxing out at about 1.8 kg.

At 6 in the evening, I had risen to 79.1 kg. Since that was 1.6 kg over the beginning measure of 77.5, it was time to be careful for the last part of the day. A big meal would completely blow my chance to hit 77.0.

Today, I stayed disciplined enough on the last meal to keep my weight at about 79.3 kg. Part of that was cake, but this shows that you can have snacks even on a good day. But it was must be a small snack. I had a small amount and didn’t overdo it. So that sugar did not mess up my day because I was being careful with how much I was eating. How much you eat is vital if you aren’t going to have a perfect diet. Although one day doesn’t prove anything by itself, one day is an example of how a small snack as part of a reasonable diet is okay. I still lost .7 kg by the end of the day. The cake probably only weighed about .1 to .15 kg.

At bedtime, I had finally properly got my bowel movements in order, which helped me to get down to 78.9 kg. From that point, I slept roughly 7 to 8 hours and lost .7 kg more, waking up at 78.2 kg. Considering it a drop from 79.3, that was a better-than-average overnight result.

78.2 gave me a fighting chance to get down to 77.0. But it was time to do a little extra today to make that happen. With 1.0 kg being pretty typical at this time for a 90-minute session, the only thing to do was to run faster than usual since 90 minutes is already such a long time. I have done 2 hours before and found it to be challenging on the joints.

I did run faster than usual, keeping my heart rate at about 140 to 144 throughout the run. This is way faster than the typical 120 to 125 or so for most of a session. The tactic paid off, and I lost 1.2 kg, getting down to exactly 77.0. It was time to weigh in for the final time today, so I went to the bathroom and then weighed in at 76.8 kg. The 77.0 recovery was achieved, and it is now time to start my 100-day flexible exercise test. I’ll definitely start it by running only 60 to 75 minutes tomorrow, depending on my weight before the run begins.

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