Late Diet Problem Hurt My Overall Results Today; Why I Am Starting 100-Day At 77.0 KG

Day 439

Sometimes, you can do really well almost all day long and then blow it at the end of the day. For Day 239, I was reminded of this lesson.

I have been working hard and running 90 minutes every day to try to recover from the recent large increase to 79.8 kg. That was the horrible ending to my test of slow 60-minute jogging sessions. As today began, I felt there was actually a chance to hit 77.0 kg. Although my target maintenance weight is 75.0, that is very hard to hit. Those last 2 kg from 77.0 to 75.0 are like climbing a cliff. I just can’t stay there all the time, and it’s awfully to get down there when I make any mistake at all. 77.0 kg, on the other hand, has proven to be much easier to maintain. This difference of 4 pounds is huge in my case. It appears that 75 is not really where my body naturally wants to be at at this point. I still want to get down there or closer and do sometimes get there, but only occasionally. I am more likely to be in the 76 or 77 range.

Because it is so hard to lose the extra 2 kg to get down to 75.0, I have made the decision to start my test at 77.0. As will be seen in tomorrow’s blog post, my official starting time is 76.8, which is where I landed at the end of Day 440. So my 100-day test is actually going to begin on Day 441, with an official start of 76.8 kg.

I thought that I might get down to 77.0 today. But as stated above, I made a diet mistake at the end of the day. Time and again, my rule of eating small meals proves to be the way to go. My last meal was too big, and it hurt today’s results. As it so happens, I did still lose .1 kg because my starting mark was 77.6. So while it was still a winning day, it could have been a lot better.

By 6 in the evening, I was having a fantastic day, having risen only 1.0 kg, from 77.6 to 78.6. At that point, I was thinking that a small meal and an even smaller snack would tide me over for the night. Then, my schedule called for a run in the morning to end this 24-hour Pentamize tracking period.

At this point, I stopped tracking for the night, thinking I was in pretty good shape. For some reason, though, my weight was still 78.5 even after sleeping. This was surprising, and I knew at that point that I was not going to lose .5 to get down to 77.0. Under my current physical state, it is highly unlikely that I could lose 1.5 kg with a 90-minute run. It was 1.5 when doing Pentamize full weight-loss mode. Bu for some reason, I only average about 1.0 kg of weight loss per 90-minute run these days. When it’s warmer, it may be closer to 1.2. Either way, I do have to be even more careful about my diet because of this change.

I had a decent weight loss during the workout and finished the day at 77.5 kg, for the minimum trackable weight loss of .1 kg.

Today somewhat upset me, and I decided to give it 2 more days to get down to 77.0. Otherwise, I was going to take some extreme measures and get down there no matter what (even including running a total of 2 hours if necessary). If you read tomorrow’s blog post, you will see that I lost .7 kg in one day. So extreme measures were not necessary.

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