Great Diet Results Convert To .5 KG Of Weight Loss

Day 438

By the end of this day, I could smell 77.0 and possibly recovering from the recent meltdown related to slow 60-minute runs. I shot all the way up to 79.8 kg in just a matter of days. Granted, that also included a cheat day and break day. But by that time, the writing was on the wall, and slower 60-minute runs were out as a long-term solution on the exercise side of my diet-exercise equation.

In a relatively short period of time, I got down to 77.9 but then had a cheat day. That pushed me right back up to 79.1, but I am back at 77.6 after only 4 days (lost .4, lost .8, gained .2, and lost .5 today). It’s entirely possible that I could hit 77 either tomorrow or at least within the next few days. That is when I will begin my first ever 100-day “flexible exercise schedule” test. I really need to reach 77 before the next cheat day and certainly before Christmas and New Year’s. I want to include cheat days in the 100-day test since it’s obvious that I am not going to go 100 straight days without a cheat day. That’s never going to happen. It’s also good to use the holidays so that I will have some adversity built into the experiment. I want to have to recover from those days because it will give the flexible exercise schedule a good run through the ringer. I can then see how it works.

In doing this experiment, I will have a running total of each type of workout (slow 60-minute run, break days (very few), faster 60-minute runs (very few), slower 75-minute runs, and 90-minute runs. The default will be a slow 60-minute run. Then, when I do gain weight, it will be time to do a harder or longer run the next day. My diet will be the same every day. I will keep that as the relative constant. There will be some changes from day to day, but that’s the purpose of doing it for a full 100 days.

Now, let me summarize today’s results. I lost .5 kg on a day without much Pentamize tracking. I was busy and just didn’t bother tracking much. However, I did notice that my weight only rose from 78.1 to about 79.0 in the early part of the day. I had one meal left later at night, and that got me up to about 79.4.

It was raining, so I decided to sleep first and then get up and ran as the last thing before my daily final weigh-in. My weight dropped pretty well overnight, dropping me back down to 78.6 kg. It was then time to run, and I was destined to lose weight at that point because I was only .5 kg above the starting weight. Only a freak injury or something would have stopped me at that point. It was time for a 90-minute run, and I ran a little faster today than the past few days. I finished with a heart rate of about 128. My weight lost during this run was 1.0 kg, and it was time to weigh in. So I finished at 77.6 kg and a .5 kg daily weight loss.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, but I’d like to wrap up this recovery by getting down to 77.0 at least within the next 4 days. That will let me include all the holiday parties and diet cheating and put this test to a real test, not a watered-down one.

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