Gained Small Weight On Day With Christmas Party

Day 437

I had a slight weight gain today after a rather unusual day. This included a 60-minute run instead of 90, as well as a Christmas party.

Normally, parties can spell doom. But this was just a short school Christmas party, with a limit on refreshments, anyway. So it wasn’t like a party where you go and cheat on your diet. I didn’t gain much at all as a result of that event, and my weight had only increased 1.0 kg even after that party, which ended at about 4 in the afternoon. My weight was 78.9, up from 77.9.

Yesterday, I lost a huge .8 kg. It wasn’t likely that I was going to do that well today, given the circumstances. My diet discipline remained pretty good after the party, and I stayed pretty even up to the time of the run, which was at night.

It was so cold that I didn’t really feel like running, but certainly not 90 minutes. It seemed like the time to compromise a little. My decision was to run, but for only 60 minutes.

I picked up the pace just a little bit compared to the past few days, where I had decided to start running at a slower pace again. But because this was only 60 minutes this time, I was hoping that a slightly faster pace would make up some of the difference. It’s not clear if the cold played a factor in the result, but the results were really bad. I lost only about .5 kg, which makes little sense at all. The last time I lost only .5 kg was when doing a slow 60-minute run. But again, the rather cold weather may or may not have played a role.

After dropping from 78.9 to 78.4 for the run, I ate a final meal, which was more like a pretty small snack.

The day didn’t get any better overnight. My weight only dropped to 78.1, and that resulted in a pretty small weight gain of .2 kg. Considering all the oddities on this day, I don’t have much to complain about. This is particularly true after having 2 really good days with a weight loss of .4 and .8 kg. That kind of pace never keeps up for long. So this was bound to happen soon enough.

Although this puts me back above 77.9 after recovering from the cheat day, I am no longer in that recovery period. But I am still recovering after the slow 60-minute test failure (only a partial failure because I did learn a lot about my exercise requirements and options). It may be possible to get back down to 77.0 soon. But there is no guarantee. I am writing this a little late and can say that I did lose .5 kg for tomorrow’s 24-hour period. So I can hopefully reach 77.0 within 3 to 7 days and start my 100-day test. Because of peaks and valleys in results, though, I can’t predict exactly when this will happen.

One last note on today’s results is that I was constipated. This may have had some effect on poor weight loss in the second half of the day. These kinds of things can affect your daily results. So always keep in mind that you need a good 3 weeks or so of tracking a diet and exercise system to get an idea of what is going to happen on a typical day.

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