Dropped .8 KG And Fully Recovered From Cheating In Only 2 Days

Day 436

Today was interesting in a couple of respects. The first is that I lost the large amount of .8 kg just today. This is obviously way above average and also allowed me to fully recover from the cheat day that was only 2 days ago. The second is that I actually intentionally ran slower today because my body seemed to need a slower pace. Yet, I had a decent run result and the great overall result despite the slower pace. These things provide yet another example of what I have learned when doing Pentamize tracking. Diet is the most important thing, but many people, including myself, must incorporate exercise into a diet plan to achieve success. It’s not an either-or situation.

As with yesterday, I was busy and didn’t get around to running in the morning or early afternoon. So I had to wait until later.

By 2:30 in the afternoon, I had risen from 78.7 to 79.7. That is a so-so result. With an increase of 1.0 kg after the first couple of meals, I still needed a decent run result to lose weight. I toyed with the idea of not running at all today. But the fact that I was still recovering from a cheat day 2 days ago provided extra motivation. However, since I really didn’t feel like running, I opted to find the middle ground that has worked to some degree for me before. And that was to run, but do it at a slower pace than usual.

The surprising result today is that I did run slower, with a comparatively very low ending heart rate of about 96 beats per minute. That is way below my usual 120, which is already only in the lower to middle range of medium intensity. For me, 100 is around the bottom of medium intensity. Yet, I lost .9 kg, which dropped me from 79.4 to 78.5. I cannot explain explain that one, as the most to be expected would be about .8 in this cold weather.

I did not eat or drink anything after the run, which likely helped me a lot. It is pretty unusual to already be below the starting mark at bedtime. But my estimated 78.5 at bedtime was lower than the start of 78.7.

The only disappointing thing today is that I did not lose that much weight overnight. But an approximate drop of .6 produced a finish of 77.9. That made for the huge daily loss of .8, which also meant a fast 2-day recovery from the cheat day on Day 434.

I said earlier that reducing to a slow pace of about 100 has worked to some degree. What I meant by that is that it works, but it usually works for longer runs, not short ones. So for example, even if you could lose weight by running some fast 30-minute runs, running slow 30-minute runs might not produce enough results to maintain or lose weight. You might have to up that to 45 minutes or more. In my case, 90 minutes even at a pretty slow pace has worked because it is such a long duration. But for your situation, a really slow run that is also of a short duration might not be sufficient. You can test this for yourself by doing daily Pentamize tracking. The bottom line is that intensity does count, but intensity can be decreased if duration is increased. Lately, I have seen a lot of unprofessional claims that high intensity is the way to go. That’s not necessarily the case. It depends on your ability, preferences, and willingness to work out longer to make up for a lower intensity.

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