Another Great Recovery Day Using Only a Slow Run And Effective Diet Discipline

Day 410

I am on a great roll at the moment and heading into the 3rd day of a recovery period. After only 2 days of slower runs, I have lost back .8 kg of the 1.6 gained on the Day 407 cheat day. Although this recovery is different because it’s the first one trying to recover while doing slow one-hour runs, the results have been better than expected so far. I have no time to let up or reward myself in any way right now, though. Since my slow runs had me gaining a little weight before the cheat day, I was definitely worried. We’ll see if this recovery can continue, but it’s been great so far.

Today is not much different than the typical day. The main goal is to not exceed a maximum daily weight increase of 2.0 kg. Preferably, it should be below that. For example, my increase was about 1.7 kg yesterday, and the end result was a weight loss of .4 kg. If I had gone to 2.0, I would have been in danger of gaining weight even if not exceeding that Danger Zone.

At 2 in the afternoon, my first full meal was finished, and I had gained 1.0 kg (78.0 to 79.0). This is pretty normal, as the first meal always includes more water than the rest of the day and also usually a larger meal. Then, after that first meal, it is vital to keep the meals small. A start of 1.0 kg is still pretty small when considering water intake after the running session. But if it were about 1.3 or more, I would already be in trouble. 1.0, though, is just fine.

After another couple of small snacks, I was still at 79.1 kg. This day is going even better than expected. I figured I would be at least 1.4 by now. Going to the bathroom must have helped a lot more than anticipated. This gives me a very big opportunity to eat one more meal or 2 smaller snacks and still lose a lot of weight today. If I can stay at 1.5 or below, I should do very well. Note that I am not starving here. I actually 3 small chicken patties about an hour ago and one egg. Starving is not one of my methods of losing weight during a recovery period or any other time, either. I do abstain from eating too much when reaching the Danger Zone or getting really close to it. However, I never fast all day or use similar extreme measures.

At 7:30 in the evening, I was at 79.4 kg. It was time to have a little yogurt and wrap it up for the night. This will put me at either 79.6 or 79.7, which is fine either way.

Overnight results put me in a very good position to lose weight. I woke up at about 7:30 and was 78.6, which means that I lost about 1.1 kg from 8 at night until wakeup time. That is a little better than average. Depending on how the run goes, this could be a massive weight loss day. I don’t even want to predict, but the potential is big. Nonetheless, it’s either going to be a great or a super great weight loss result. This recovery is so much better than expected.

I dropped to 77.9 as a result of the jogging session. It was my typical slow pace and actually a little slower based on heart rate, showing a rate of about 116 at the end. That was decent loss of about .7 kg, but not quite as good as yesterday’s .9. At any rate, 77.9 is already in the weight-loss side of the column. And I had about 2.5 to 3 hours left before the official weigh-in. Good times at least this morning. LOL.

At 11:30, I recorded a nice drop to 77.5 kg. This is YUUUUGE. I will wait until 12 noon and do a final weigh-in, but it’s quite possible that I won’t lose any more weight today because I have lost so much already. At any rate, as it stands now, I am in the most satisfying recovery period I have ever been in because this is the first time doing slow 60-minute runs, and it is working. The slower sessions can only get me so much, but it’s enough if (and this is a big “if”) my diet discipline is in order.

For my final weigh-in, I was 77.6. Even though I didn’t eat anything, that was a slight increase from before. These numbers can vary slightly with a bathroom scale. But I want to be conservative about results and will just record it as 77.6. That is still a weight loss of .4 kg today, and it’s the 3rd day in a row with the same weight loss.

After 3 days of recovery, I have dropped from 78.8 to 77.6, or 1.2 kg even when doing slower runs. I can’t expect better than this, and the great part is it shows that I can even recover from a cheat day with slower 60-minute running sessions. That is, at least I can partially recover. I still have .4 kg more to completely recover from the cheat day 4 days ago. We’ll see if we can make that happen, but it should work fine if I maintain my diet.

Weight Tracking By Separate Segments Of a Day Results In Wild Differences

Day 409

Yesterday was the first day of my current recovery period, and it was a mixed bag. It was pretty cold outside, and that may have been a factor in the poor running result of a loss of only .5 kg. It’s been mostly about .7 kg of weight loss lately for the slower runs. This was bad, but the good part is that I lost .4 kg overall. I did this by dropping from 78.8 to 78.4 kg. That is not a surprising result because of the “bounceback” effect, which you can read more about in yesterday’s blog post.

Today, I did not do quite as much Pentamize tracking. But I did check my weight at 5 in the afternoon, and I was 79.9 kg. That is an increase of 1.5 kg over the starting weight of 78.4. This leaves a little room below the Danger Zone mark of 2.0. I have to be careful now and make sure any additional meals for the rest of the day are very small.

I had about 2.5 kg of yogurt at 6 and went to the bathroom a little later. At that time, I weighed about 79.8 kg. So this leaves room for one more small meal and coffee, which seems about right because I do have some slight hunger pangs. As long as the last meal is .3 kg or less, I should be fine for tomorrow.

After a rather small snack and bathroom break, I was at 80.0 kg. This should be it for the night, but I feel like about .1 kg more of something. So I will probably finish at either 1.6 or 1.7 kg over the starting weight of 78.4. This is a good number and gives me a decent chance of losing a little weight. But it does depend on what happens overnight. I am almost destined to only lose .5 to .7 kg on the run. So I’ll need to lose about .7 or so overnight, exercise early, and then wait it out for a few hours and hope that a little more weight falls off naturally.

My overnight weight loss was a disappointment. I was at 79.3 when getting up. However, I still have a good chance of losing weight. It is 7:30 in the morning, and I am .9 kg above the starting mark. Since my weigh-in is going to be at around 12 noon and after running, my final weight should be somewhere around 78.2 to 78.5. It’s too hard to predict any closer than that.

There was a huge difference in weight loss during the run between yesterday and today. Yesterday had a very odd loss of only. 5, but today was about .8 to .9. I weighed in at 78.4 after the run. This put me at breakeven for the day, but still with a couple of hours left before the official weigh-in. Although I probably won’t lose .4 kg today (like yesterday), that is likely only because of the lack of a bounceback effect. But the good part is that I am set to lose a little weight for the right reasons, which is that I stayed well below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone.

As yo can see from today’s blog post, cutting a day into segments and seeing how much you lose during those segments makes weight maintenance seem like a wild roller-coaster ride. Even my prediction above of 78.2 to 78.5 was off by .2 kg. My overnight weight loss was disappointing (about .7), but my run result of .9 was great. And if you look only at yesterday, a running session of seemingly almost the exact same intensity and duration resulted in only a .5 kg weight loss. Although I do Pentamize tracking on all these segments of a day, it’s important not to get too hung up on them. Just like with daily segments, you see wild, unpredictable, and inexplicable differences. Swings are interesting to track, but the real purpose of tracking is always to determine an average result.

After running early and dropping to 78.4, things just kept getting better. I went to the bathroom a couple of times, weighed in more than an hour early, but had still gotten down to 78.0 kg. So for the second day in a row, I lost .4 kg overall. It’s not clear whether a bounceback effect helped me today like it probably did yesterday. Nonetheless, the main goal is to continue the slower 60-minute runs and stay below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone on a daily basis. So far, my recovery is awesome, dropping .8 kg in 2 days after the cheat day. If I can muster .8 more, then that would put me all the way back down to 77.2, which is where my weight was before the cheat day.

“Bounceback” Of .4 KG On First Recovery Day After Cheating

Day 408

This is the first day after a big cheat day, and this recovery round is going to be different for one big reason. In all other recoveries in the past, I have either run almost every day for 90 minutes to recover. However, even last time, when I had reduced runs to 60 minutes, I ran harder than usual in order to increase intensity and lose more weight. This is the first time I am doing slow 60-minute runs during a cheat day recovery period.

I am only one week into testing on the slow runs. The initial goal of doing 30 days of testing might be curtaile. I am going to play this by ear and see what happens, but it seems doubtful that I can lose enough weight to recover since I was actually .2 kg over even before yesterday’s cheat day. At a minimum, though, I am going to give this 7 more days. That will at least give me 2 weeks to assess slower runs. I don’t want to spend too much time stuck in the 78 range because I really should be in the 76 range on a regular basis.

While my diet started really well in the earlier stages today, I got close to the Danger Zone at about 6 in the evening. My weight was up to around 80.5 from a start of 78.8. That is about 1.7 kg. So I needed to sacrifice from that point, although I actually was not really hungry anymore. The plan the rest of the day was to drink coffee only. That is pretty much equivalent to just drinking water since it is black coffee with nothing added.

At bedtime, my weight had fallen a little to 80.4. Then, I had a good weight loss overnight, dropping to about 79.5. And that was when waking up at 6:30. Thus, this has the potential to be a huge weight loss day. Part of it is probably due to the “bounceback” effect, which sometimes happens the day after a cheat day. The only time I ever lost a lot of weight without exercising was the day after a cheat day. So I don’t want to get too excited about today. But it will be nice to lose some of the weight that I gained yesterday.

I just kept on falling for the next few hours before the run. I hit 78.9 kg, which is .1 kg from the breakeven point even before running. Although I cannot prove it conclusively, this is completely consistent with the bounceback effect after a cheat day. Once I run, today is likely to show a weight loss of .6 or .7 kg, or possibly even slightly more. Then, however, it will get tougher to lose the extra weight because the bounceback effect doesn’t seem to occur more than 1 or 2 days. So I am still in for the long haul as far as trying to get back down to 77.2 kg (the mark before the cheat day). Nonetheless, it feels good to lose a lot of it today.

My exercise result was horrible. I only dropped from 78.9 to 78.4. That is a paltry .5 kg and ties my Pentamize tracking record for the lowest amount recorded for a medium-intensity running session. Despite that, I still lost .4 kg on this first recovery day. That is a solid start, but I am still 1.2 kg over the pre-cheat-day weight.

Gained More Than 3 Pounds On a Cheat Day

Day 407

It is now November 1, 2017. This will be the last cheat day in a while. I am almost certain that this cheat day is going to spell disaster for the “slow” 60-minute runs. It doesn’t look like I will be able to recover from a big weight gain due to a full cheat day. But I am going to continue and finish 30 days of these tests, including the cheat day, just like I included the cheat day for the fast 60-minute runs. Neither of the past 2 days was a full cheat day, so this 30-day period will have only one legitimate cheat day (that is today).

We had a buffet meal at one of the local restaurants, and my weight rose dramatically to about 79.8 kg. And that was at 4:30 in the afternoon, with plenty of time before the end of the day. I guess I’ll push this puppy to at least 3.0 kg before the day is done. It’s at 2.6 so far.

I continued munching the rest of the day, and the results were exactly what you would expect. Although I did not weigh myself before sleeping, my weight was still 80.0 when getting up, and that was after peeing. So this is even worse than I was expecting. I will probably be somewhere in the 78 range after running later this morning. And it will probably even be in the high 78s.

Well, this was expected, and I don’t like it. But I need to test these slower 60-minute runs to see how bad it can get with a break day. It’s already pretty much a foregone conclusion that a regimen of slower 60-minute runs is not going to work. I had already gained .2 kg before today, and there is probably no way to physically recover from this weight gain. Some dreams are fantasies. And thinking that I could run slow for 60 minutes and maintain my weight appears to be nothing but a pipe dreak.

So it’s probably back to the drawing board. But the good thing is that all I have to do is make some simple adjustments since my record of Pentamize tracking has given me enough information to know what does work. I already know that 90-minute runs are great, and they do work at a slower pace. I have also maintained with 60-minute runs when there is a focus on running a bit faster. So maybe recovering from cheat days with longer runs and doing mostly slower 60-minute runs on a typical day is best. And when I eat a little too much but not so much that it is a cheat day, I can run a little longer on those days to make it up. I think one thing is clear from my testing of 60-minute exercise sessions so far. That is that I can at least do them the majority or a large portion of the time and maintain my weight. This is a positive because it at least means not having to run 90 minutes all the time. And since that was the entire goal to begin with, it’s a net positive.

I ran later than usual, but my weight was still 79.6 when starting. It is certain now that I will be in the high 78s or, if my results are really bad, possibly in the low 79 range.

I ran and worked on keeping a pretty slow pace, and my heart rate was about 124 to 128 at the end. And I lost .8 kg, which at least reduced me to 78.8. That had to be the final number because time was already running late on doing the weigh-in. As a result, I gained a hefty 1.6 kg on this cheat day. My 60-minute run result was fine (.8), but it was obviously not going to be enough to avoid this rotten result.

Going forward, I want to do at least a few more days of the slower 60-minute runs. I may suspend the plan to do a full 30 days if it becomes obvious that there is no way to make back the weight gained on this cheat day. It was pretty obvious already that cheat days were going to be a huge problem if the idea is to ONLY run 60-minute slow sessions and nothing else. I don’t see how I am going to lose the 1.6 kg gained from this cheat day. But I will give it a few more days to see what happens.

Note: The numbers below are misleading if you don’t know the whole story. Today is a cheat day that messed everything up big time. The key is to look at the difference between the hard runs and the slow runs, but also to keep in mind that I will need a few days to see if I can recover from this cheat day with slower runs. I probably can’t. But the tracking results will be valuable, and I can always recover later by doing more exercise.

Total 60-Minute Days: 41
Result: gained 1.4 kg (77.4 to 78.8)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 7
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: gained 1.7 kg (currently 78.8)

Days 405 And 406 – Gained a Little With Pretty Poor Diet Choices

Day 405

Today was a kind of cheat day, but it was certainly not a full one. Instead, I had some coke. However, at the same time, I did try to go easy on the food. So while coke can be a problem because of its sugar content ( I drink real coke, not the fake stuff), keeping food intake down on the same day can at least somewhat counteract this cheating. Thus, all things considered, I consider this only a small cheat day.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, I had increased to about 78.7 kg, which is 1.5 kg more than the start of 77.2. However, that was after going to the bathroom. So at that point, my daily max increase was about 1.6 kg. For a semi cheat day, this is a pretty good start. But it also means I have to be really careful the rest of the day. I am .5 kg below the danger zone.

I also had some fried chicken, a little bit too much rice (but certainly far less than a cup), and yogurt. Because of the rice, I will abstain from eating any bread today. This is in keeping with my goal of keeping carbohydrates to a minimum.

By the end of this partial cheat day, I had maxed out at about 79.2 kg, which is the exact mark for the 2.0 Danger Zone since the day started at 77.2. I went to bed weighing 79.1 and woke up at 78.4. That spells trouble. I doubt that I can get myself down to 77.2 now. That is 1.2 more kilograms. However, I did wake up at 7 in the morning. So there is hopefully time to at least get close. Of course, I kind of expect to gain a little weight today because it’s a semi-cheat day. However, a real cheat day would have me max out at way over 2.0 kg. So this one was not too bad. I can at least come somewhat close to breaking even.

Well, I have had a change of plans and will have to average today and tomorrow. I am 78.2 at the time of this writing, which is at 9:45 in the morning. So I will eat now, work out later, work out again tomorrow, and then average the two days. This is not normal for my Pentamize tracking, but something came up. So I have no choice but to do this. If I had exercised on Day 405, I most likely would have gained weight. It would have probably been about .2 to .3 kg. But since I did not exercise at all, this will require two workouts over the next 28 hours or so.

Day 406

From 10 in the morning until 6:30 in the evening, I actually did okay on diet. However, I was out playing with my daughter and one of those indoor gym places with the slides and everything. I definitely lost some weight climbing around on that stuff. But I was not able to weigh myself to determine how much. I suspect it was probably about .4 kg or something pretty low like that. And when I checked my weight at 6:30, it was 79.5 kg.

From 6:30 in the evening until about 12 noon tomorrow, I will actually be running 2 sessions to make up for the missed workout for Day 405. During that time, I will only be drinking water and maybe having one small snack. To get back to even for the past 2 days, I will have to lose back down to 77.2 kg, which is a total of 2.3 kg. I don’t know how likely this is, but it’s probably doable if I lose a lot of weight while sleeping tonight.

I ran for about 58 minutes in the evening, and that gave me a pretty nice drop to about 78.6 kg and 78.5 after urinating. Then, I did have a small snack and some coffee. However, I now probably have some decent chance of getting down to 77.2. That’s not to say it’s going to be easy or is likely. But it seems like I have a chance.

Wll, I did come close to making it, finishing at 77.3 kg. That is a weight gain of only .1 kg across the 2 days, for an average weight gain of only .05 kg. And this was in addition to eating ice cream and having even more coke today. As far as my run goes, it was a typical loss of .7 kg, from 78.2 to 77.5. Then, I went to the bathroom and lost an additional .2 kg to finish the day.

Total 60-Minute Days: 40
Result: lost .1 kg (77.4 to 77.3)

Total Hard Runs: 34
Result: lost .3 kg (77.4 to 77.1 kg)
includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day

Total Slow Runs: 6
Results Starting At 77.1 kg
Result: gained .2 kg (currently 77.3)