Followed Up Weight Loss Of .3 KG With a Small Drop of .1

Day 430

Yesterday was the first day doing better than a .1 kg weight loss in a while. I shaved off .3 kg and got down to 78.5.

Things are fairly slow this recovery period despite running 90 minutes a day. However, the good part is that I am not experiencing any bad days. This has always been the big advantage of running for 90 minutes. Even on a bad day, I usually gain only .1 kg. Days with a 90-minute session where I also gain .2 kg or more are few and far between. It does happen, but it’s not typical at all. It is far easier to run 60 minutes than 90 for me personally. But the slow 60-minute days turned out to be a failure, and my body pretty much rejects the faster 60-minute runs due to fatigue. However, I am eager to get down to 77.0 so I can do some of the slow 60-minute runs. What I will basically do is do one of these lighter workouts when I have had a good day before. Or to look at it another way, I want to run for 60 minutes until having a bad day. Then, I can bump back up to 90 to recover. No matter how you look at it, I personally have no choice but to run 90 minutes sometimes even if I am in weight maintenance mode and not actually trying to lose weight.

I was up to 79.3 after the first meal and drinking coffee. This was before running, not after. That was a .8 kg increase. A pattern appears to be emerging on days with a meal before running. I seem to rise about .7 or .8 kg. It was .8 kg today. It seems this is not a particularly great start to a day. But it has not caused me to have bad days since this starting this schedule. Even the first meal of the day probably has limits. Eating a huge breakfast and rising 1.5 kg would probably spell disaster for a day unless you have the ability to fast. But that would seem difficult since you are likely going to be hungry after exercising. I do remember not getting hungry from exercise when younger. I would get really thirsty but not all that hungry. But as I got older, exercise did start to make me hungry. So I have to keep that in mind if eating before exercise. A very large meal could hurt me later in the day.

Today’s run result was back down to average. I lost 1.1 kg, reducing me down to 78.2.

My diet after the run was pretty disciplined today. I rose to 78.9 after the second meal and water and then 79.3 for the last meal. As usual, my first meal appears to have been the biggest, which is what seems to suit me fine.

79.3 was also pretty much the breakeven point for today since the starting weight was 78.5. My overnight drop was so-so. It was .9 kg, which gave me the minimum daily weight loss of .1 kg. I was 78.4 at weigh-in time. This was a decent follow-up to yesterday’s nice loss of .3 kg.

Had To Fast For a Few Hours Due to Diet Problems; Ended Up Losing Weight

Day 429

Today, my diet got out of control early. However, it’s not always easy to judge how diet is going by weight only. The advantage to counting calories is that you have a good idea whether you are eating too much of the wrong food. However, I don’t count calories because it’s too time consuming. I just base my diet on weight gained during the day. Again, though, the drawback to this is that you may increase a lot in even just 30 minutes or an hour from substantial water consumption. So you need to keep in mind whether your water consumption seems higher than usual. This might mean that you are not overeating even if your weight rises more than expected in your intraday Pentamize tracking results.

Today appears to be one of those days. I was really thirsty after running, and my weight ended up getting higher at 3 in the afternoon (79.8) than yesterday’s max of 79.7.

Just to be on the safe side, I decided to completely stop eating or drinking anything for a few hours. Having risen to 79.8 so quickly (from a weight of 77.4 after the run), going and eating more would almost guaranteed a daily weight gain.

By the end of the day, I actually ended up losing quite a bit of weight in this roller coaster day. But that likely would not have happened if not for sacrificing for several hours. Please note that I never fast for a whole day. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever gone 24 hours in my life without eating. I certainly didn’t do it even once when losing all the weight while devising my Pentamize weight loss method. But today was such a rapid rise that there was no other choice but to sacrifice for a few hours. It paid off big time with a substantial weight loss this 24-hour period.

At 8 in the evening, I had dropped from 79.8 to 79.1. A loss of .7 kg over 5 hours is definitely higher than average, suggesting that water was, indeed, part of the reason for gaining so rapidly.

The day was not over for eating, though. I needed one more meal and rose to 79.6. This was pretty close to the breakeven point because my starting weight was 78.8, and a .8 increase is my estimate for breaking even. This left about 11 hours before the weigh-in. I drop less than .8 on some nights and more on others.

Today turned out to be very good for overnight weight loss. I can’t put my finger on what to do to get good days like this more often. The loss was 1.1 kg, and I lost .3 kg overall today. My final weight was 78.5. Today also got me out of a rut of about 3 days, where I was stuck at around 78.8 to 78.9. Hopefully, I can keep this going for at least one more day because my pace recovering down to 77.0 is decent but not all that fast.

In a Bit of a Rut But Managed a Weight Loss Of .1 KG

Day 428

My starting weight today was 78.9 kg. I ate breakfast before running. Because I am still getting used to this schedule, I don’t know whether eating first and then running or running first and then having the first meal of the day is better. So I have been trying both, depending on the situation and how I feel in general. The results do not seem largely different, though, if at all. Since I am still recovering by running 90 minutes a day, I have not had any really bad days. Every day so far in this recovery period has either been a weight loss, a breakeven day, or a small gain of .1 kg.

After the first meal, I was up to 79.5. This was my weight after going to the bathroom, so the increase from the first meal was about .7 kg. That seems a bit high, so it should probably be the biggest meal of the day. My normal practice is to have the biggest meal first.

I ran after the first meal, when my weight was still 79.5. This was the same weight as yesterday’s pre-run mark. The key today is to do better on diet after the run than yesterday.

I had a pretty good run, finishing at 78.2 kg. That was a solid loss of about 1.3 kg. So far in this recovery period, my results on these 90-minute runs have been rather inconsistent. I have dropped as low as about.9 and gone as high as about 1.3. This has occurred despite sticking to the same relatively slow pace. However, this fairly wide range is pretty consistent with my full weight-loss mode. The difference I still don’t understand is why I used to average a 1.5 kg weight loss, but now only average close to 1.1. This may be due to the fact that I was more overweight before than I am now. I mean, I was close to 70 pounds overweight at the max, and I am basically not overweight now, but am considered in the overweight category by 10 pounds or so if going by the very difficult BMI standard.

I was back up to 78.8 kg for the first post-run meal, which was the second meal of the day. That was .4 kg better then yesterday.

My last meal was a bit disappointing. I rose to 79.7. However, it was around 6 in the evening, giving me time to hopefully digest it all. With a start of 78.9, this gave me a decent chance to lose a little weight because .8 kg is at about the breakeven point, and 6 is quite early in the evening to finish eating for the day.

Unfortunately, I got a little hungry again and needed a little snack. But I had lost a little weight by that 9:45 snack, so I was 79.6 after it. That reduced my chances of losing weight on the day, but it was still a pretty good spot to be in.

My breakeven point is .8 kg, and that is exactly what I lost overnight. I ended up losing .1 kg today when ending at 78.8 kg. My diet was a little better today, and that may have been what made the difference since other factors were very similar.

Poor Mistakes And Bad Overnight Results Lead To Small Weight Gain

Day 427

I am coming off of a great day with a loss of .4 kg. It was a little strange that that occurred when considering that I only lost .8 kg overnight. However, that may have been the result of a situation where I retained water the day before. Then, my body was adjusting yesterday, but didn’t have much left to lose by the time it hit bedtime. It’s not too fruitful to worry about these sorts of weird ups and downs. The reason for tracking every day is to keep control. And that control is achieved by knowing what is going on all the time and learning average results.

I was disappointed to see that my weight rose to 79.5 kg for the first meal. That was also after going to the bathroom, so it was a little higher. It didn’t seem like I ate that much. The starting weight was 78.8. I was already anticipating a potential problem due to this first meal. The bread I ate may have been more than I thought it was. I don’t know for sure yet, but I probably need to practice getting the weight gain from the first meal down a little. As can be seen below, this took it’s toll even though I had a good run day.

My exercise result was the best in a long time. I dropped to 78.3 kg, or a drop of around 1.2 kg. It even dropped slightly more to 78.2 after hitting the restroom.

Once again, my diet failed me after the run. I rose back up to 79.2, which is a higher amount than I was expecting. It looks like I may need to make some adjustments to my diet. I appear to be eating too much at times without realizing it. Tracking before and after meals provides some ability to control my diet. But if I keep eating meals that are too big, the damage is already done. It’s hard to recover in less than 24 hours sometimes.

My last meal was more reasonable. I rose to about 79.6 kg. Despite the previous mistakes, this was .8 kg above the starting weight. Since .8 is my breakeven point (estimate only for breaking even because results vary from day to day), even the diet mistakes did not put me in too bad of shape at 8 at night. That is when I completely finished all eating and drinking and weighed 79.6.

The overnight results frankly sucked. I lost only .7, which is less than the estimated average of .8 to .9. That resulted in a final weight of 78.9 kg and a daily minimal weight gain of .1.

The good part about reviewing today’s results is that mistakes once again led to a weight gain of only .1 kg. This is why my pathetic butt always has to work out. Unless my diet is perfect, it seems I gain at least a little weight. I am not going to get it perfect, but hopefully I can get back to 77 and then start this flexible schedule that I am excited to begin. At least during periods when my diet is in order, I can reduce the duration of these running sessions.

Average Overnight Weight Loss Still Led to Overall Loss Of .4 KG

Day 426

My starting weight today was 79.2, which is from a minimal weight gain yesterday of .1 kg. This morning, I ate before running and drank a lot of coffee, resulting in a weight of 79.9.

It was darn cold today and was about 3 degrees Celsius. Despite that, I had a good run and lost down to 78.8 kg. I ate a smallish meal after running. This put me up to about 79.1 (a little higher, as that was after going to the bathroom). Since the starting weight today was 79.2, this is a very good spot to be in. I just need to limit myself to 2 more smallish meals. That is likely to set me up for a pretty big weight loss, or at least get me back into the 78 range.

With one more meal to go, I am doing fantastic compared to yesterday. I am at 79.0, which is actually less than the starting weight of 79.2. It’s now 7:30 in the evening, and I am about to eat my last meal. It will be a pretty small one of about .3 to .4 kg.

I was at about 79.5 after that last meal. It was a little more than I was expecting, but there’s nothing to complain about here. I have secured a nice day of weight loss unless something really strange happens overnight that prevents natural weight loss. My max was 80.3 yesterday, or .8 kg more than today’s 79.5. I was drinking some tea, which might raise my weight a little. But that’s just water, so it should be fine.

The overnight results were a little disappointing this time. I came in at around 78.8 kg, which was an overnight drop of about .8 kg. Still, that is actually my estimated drop for my breakeven point. So this result is pretty much average. It’s not a bad result, but I was hoping for something even bigger since I did so well yesterday with my diet. At any rate, I still lost a very good .4 kg today. And I am back in the 78 range. The goal remains to keep this up on a daily basis until reaching 77.0. Then, I will be able to run less on some days. I just can’t do that yet, though. It’s hard to believe I rose from the 76 range to 79.8 so fast. But I have lost back 1.0 kg of that now. So the progress for this recovery period is good, but only because I am working my butt off. To this day, hard work remains the key to success.

Today is a good example of why 90-minute runs are so good. Even if something doesn’t work out that well, I still often lose weight. That happened today even though my overnight weight loss was only .8 kg. That is average at best. Yet, I still ended up having a really good day overall. The problem, of course, is that running 90 minutes every day becomes a heavy burden on the body and the mind. This is why I would like to finish up this recovery period and get to a more flexible schedule.