Good Loss Of .4 KG After a Cheat Day

Day 435

After two bad days in terms of diet errors, I got back to very good diet performance today. This ultimately produced a weight loss of .4 kg. Often, I will do very well the day after a cheat day. In this case, however, the best day was 2 days after. The reason is not that clear, but tomorrow’s result (read Day 436 blog post) allowed me to fully recover from yesterday’s cheat day.

Today’s schedule was a little different because I was busy doing some work and was not able to get around to running in the morning or afternoon. However, this kind of change in schedule does not seem to have any significant effect on weight loss or maintenance results as long as your diet and exercise largely remain the same overall.

Up to 6 in the evening, which was still before doing my running session, my diet results were phenomenal. I was still at only 79.6 kg, up from a start of 79.1. It isn’t going to get much better than that unless you are starving. And I was definitely not starving.

At that point in the day, though, I felt one more meal was needed. So the plan was to do my 90-minute run and then go ahead and have a final meal for the day before sleeping. Since the only thing left to do after running is eat and sleep, it should ideally be a pretty small meal in this kind of situation since there is obviously not much need for added energy if all you are going to do is sleep.

My habit is to weigh myself after the final meal or at least before sleeping, but I just skip it sometimes because it is not really necessary to do that every day. In this case, I ate a fairly small final meal and expected to lose weight since I was at 78.7 after the run, from the 79.1 daily start. An average-sized meal of no more than about .5 or .6 pounds would suffice.

By morning, I had dropped back down to 78.7 kg. That made for a daily weight loss of .4 kg.

Although .4 is always a solid daily result, I was hoping for more in this spot. This was the day after a big cheat day, and that is when you will often get a “bounceback” effect. This is apparently due to delayed digestion from having large food consumption on a cheat day, but I can’t say for sure what causes it from a scientific standpoint. That bounceback effect either didn’t happen today or was smaller than expected. Somewhat unusually, I lost double today’s amount on Day 436. See that blog entry to read about that.

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