Massive Cheat Day Reminds Me That Family Outings Are a Risk That Needs To Be Managed

Day 434

After messing up on my diet last night and breaking even when I should have lost a lot of weight, I was looking forward to getting back to better performance on my diet today. That did not transpire by the end of this day. In fact, it was a royal disaster.

I started out going out with the family around town. While we were going to eat some burgers, which often makes for a moderate cheat day, this turned into a full cheat day by the time it was over.

First of all, I drank two cokes and had a cheeseburger and fries. Then, I ended up finishing my wife’s burger. I don’t like eating out because I don’t have the discipline to just eat a little. My discipline is much better when at home than when eating out. That’s exactly why I try to avoid eating out and limit it to only one or two outings per month. The temptation for me to cheat is far too great.

Family outings can be very risky to a weight maintenance plan. My wife can’t seem to understand that we can go out and do something besides eat. Eating is only one possible activity. Yet, she always wants to eat somewhere. This is why I sometimes just tell her I am staying home. If you are with a family that puts you in bad spots like this, then you need to find a way to at least minimize the outings. I am convinced my wife will never understand how hard it is for me to maintain weight. If she did, then she would not constantly suggest eating out. So the only thing I can do is limit these outings to one or two a month. That is my method of control. You can do that or find your own method that suits your personal situation. But remember this. You may enjoy being with your family. But you aren’t going to be with them any longer if you lose your health. Enjoy your family and friends, but find a way to either do healthy activities when you do go out or limit the number of these outings if there is no other way to manage them.

I rose from 77.9 to 79.3 as a result of eating out. Before cheating even more, I did get in a 90-minute run, which dropped me back down to 78.2. At that point, if I had really watched my diet, the run could have saved me from having such a bad day. But alas, that did not happen. I ate again, having a lot of coke and cake and whatever else. This shot me well into the 79 range. I didn’t even bother weighing in before sleeping, but I was 79.1 kg when waking up.

Since my official weigh-ins are at 8 in the morning, 79.1 was my final weight. That was a huge gain of 1.2 kg, up from 77.9.

I had a chance today to at least limit my cheating damage. But Round 2 of cheating did me in. It just so happened that some friends came over to eat. The same rule for family outings applies to friends coming over or visiting friends’ or relatives’ houses. These can hamper your efforts, and you are going to have to fashion a plan to deal with these situations. There are too many possible scenarios to give a tip that is going to apply to everybody’s situation. But like I said, I just sometimes refuse to go because it’s the only thing that allows me to maintain my weight. Life must be enjoyed, but it can be enjoyed with limitations.

Needless to say, I now have an even longer time to recover to 77.0 so I can begin my 100-day test. However, as will be seen in the next few blog posts, I recovered very quickly from this cheat day to get back down to 77.9. In fact, I actually did it in 2 days. Read Days 435 and 436 to see how I did it.

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