A Good Start Does Not Guarantee a Good Ending

Day 433

My run was pretty late today after getting up. It was about 5 hours later, and I had already had a meal and my usual never-ending flow of coffee. From a start of 77.9 kg, I did well on diet for this stretch of 5 hours. My weight was still only 78.1 before the exercise session. So while I had risen more than that right after eating, the normal drop over the ensuing 5 hours reduced that to 78.1.

As the title of this blog post says, a good start does not guarantee a good ending to a day of weight loss. I made diet mistakes today that hurt me, and my weight loss was exercise didn’t help much, either. However, I did end up breaking even and was still at 77.9 kg for the final weigh-in.

It was raining today. While I can’t prove it scientifically, it seems like running outside in the rain is not good for weight loss during an exercise session. Once again, I ran 90 minutes but only lost .8 kg. These poor results seem to happen again and again when it’s raining. I am very motivated and run even when it is raining. About the only time I stop is to avoid a downpour. But as long as it’s a light rain, it doesn’t stop me. Nonetheless, I have to avoid water puddles on the sidewalks, and this slowing down may be what causes poor results.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I was actually in pretty good shape. I was back up to 77.9, which is good because that was the day’s starting weight. At that point in the day, if I had just watched my diet, it would have been a very large weight loss. But I was still hungry. Unfortunately, things got out of control, and I ate too much from that point. What could have been a fantastic day turned into a breakeven day. Well, I can’t be perfect, and I accept this and keep looking to the next day to do better.

I actually rose all the way to 78.8 kg for the last meal. Most of that was some pork, and I guess it was more than what I thought I was eating. That is a very large increase from 77.9 to 78.8. At that point, there was even a chance of gaining weight by the time of the official weigh-in, at 8 in the morning. I had to lose down from 78.8 to 77.9 overnight to break even.

Having messed up my diet, I was fortunate enough to drop .9 kg and break even for the day. So my recovery down to 77.0 until I can start my 100-day test of a more flexible exercise schedule still has a ways to go.

Today was an example of a self-inflicted wound. It was all my fault, and I usually do better. It’s time to get back to better discipline tomorrow. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Read tomorrow’s blog for an even worse story. But I will recover from that, too.

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