Excelling In Only One Area Of Weight Loss Is Sometimes Enough For a Good Day

Day 432

My overall approach to losing weight is one of balance. I try to excel on diet and exercise on a regular basis. In reality, that is just not possible every day. Sometimes, I am going to eat too much, making it impossible to have a good day of weight loss or at least maintenance. However, this does not mean that you have to excel in both diet and exercise to have a good day. Sometimes, doing really well in one area is enough, so long as your performance is at least average or close to average in the other area. I am just talking about diet and exercise at this time, although there are other factors that can come into play. But in the end, those factors affect your diet or exercise, which are the two main factors that ultimately usually determine whether you succeed or fail.

Today, I actually lost .5 kg, which is obviously a very good day. And most of this was apparently due to diet. Today is an example of what I am talking about when I say that excelling is one area is sometimes enough.

I started at 78.4 kg and ran in the morning before eating anything. My weight dropped to 77.4 as a result of the run. This is average for a 90-minute run. If I were to overeat on a day like this, it’s still very possible to gain weight. In fact, I have done it many times on cheat days. Even a 90-minute session is not enough if my diet is bad enough.

Today, while my exercise was average, my diet made for a big weight loss of .5 kg. As per my usual practice, my first meal was the biggest. I rose to a little more than 78.1 kg, which was my weight after eating the first meal and going to the bathroom.

Whenever I can run and then eat and still have a weight lower than my pre-run weight, that is an extremely good position to be in. I was doing unusually well today when considering that my starting weight was 78.4 and was 78.1 after running and then eating the biggest meal of the day. So I was actually .3 kg below my pre-run weight.

After hitting 78.1, I only had 2 or 3 small snacks and never got over about 78.3 kg. This is unusually good, at least based on my Pentamize tracking records.

I am not saying that small snacks guaranteed weight loss or maintenance. But they sure seem to help. You just can’t be eating too many of them or using the “small meal” concept as an excuse to munch on stuff all day long.

Being at 78.3 around bedtime was great. I thought that I would be losing a huge amount of weight. It was somewhat strange that I only lost about .4 to 5 kg overnight despite sleeping close to 8 hours. But I was in such good position that it still resulted in a weight loss of .5 kg and a final daily weight of 77.9.

So today, my run was average, and my overnight weight loss was actually really low. But my diet performance was excellent. So balancing all that out, it was a big day of weight loss. This is what I mean by excelling in one area. You don’t have to be perfect to lose or maintain. Strive for the best diet and exercise. But don’t be upset when you can’t excel in both every day. I have found it impossible. But my plan is still working.

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