Disappointing Breakeven Day Halts Streak Of Weight Loss

Day 431

Today’s Starting Weight: 78.4 kg
Today’s Ending Weight: 78.4 kg
broke even

As my recovery continues, I have been reminded of the typical pattern of weight loss when using 90-minute runs on a daily basis. You will probably experience a similar thing. I will have a good day or maybe two good days and then level off. When leveling off, it’s not uncommon to have some days with a slight weight gain. Here is a sample:

Day 1: lose .3 kg
Day 2: break even
Day 3: gain .1 kg
Day 4: lose .1 kg
Day 5: lose .4 kg

So while the average of these days is .14 kg of weight loss per day, only one day was actually above that average. That is Day 1 in this example.

What is the point here? It’s that you should not feel bad when a lot of your days seem to be below the average. The reason the average is what it is is because of the really good days. Your goal is to keep going and just wait for those natural good days to occur. They do come if you have a successful balance between your diet and exercise. Of course, there can be medical problems that affect people, but I am speaking in general here.

In my current situation, Day 429 was my recent big day. That is when I lost .3 kg. Other than that, all recent days have been close to breakeven.

I ran before eating today and got down to 77.4. That was a loss during the session of about 1.0 kg. I was back up to 78.4 after the first meal and drinking water.

I don’t track this every day, but I have noticed that it’s good to be back at your pre-run weight when you finish your first post-run meal. That worked out perfectly today, where I dropped from 78.4 to 77.4 and then went back up to 78.4. If you aren’t used to this kind of Pentamize tracking, this might seem bad. It is not bad because you need to replace the water you just finished sweating out, anyway. If you have a good system, the weight loss occurs. Right after a run is not when you should be worried about your weight rising again. That is perfectly normal. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be lax, either. This is why I am giving you the basic guideline that getting back up to your pre-run weight is pretty much where you want to be after your first post-run meal.

I was up to 79.1 after the third meal, which is pretty high. This is getting close to the breakeven point. However, I had quite a lot of water and coffee. At any rate, I use the breakeven point to decide when it’s time to be more careful the rest of the day. It’s like a warning sign. If you get up to that warning sign, it’s time to be more cautious. Only a small snack or two is okay at the time you reach the breakeven point.

After a couple of small meals (maybe “snack” is a more appropriate term), I was still at 79.2 at 7 in the evening. That is the exact breakeven point with 13 hours to go before the weigh-in.

Unfortunately, my weight didn’t drop much overnight. But I managed to get back down to 78.4, which made for a breakeven day. Just as discussed above, I am back in that “rut” after having a good loss of .3 2 days ago. When you read tomorrow’s blog, you will see that I broke right out of this rut and lost .5 kg. So the pattern continues yet again the day after this blog post. But it’s a good pattern overall although disappointing on some days.

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