Followed Up Weight Loss Of .3 KG With a Small Drop of .1

Day 430

Yesterday was the first day doing better than a .1 kg weight loss in a while. I shaved off .3 kg and got down to 78.5.

Things are fairly slow this recovery period despite running 90 minutes a day. However, the good part is that I am not experiencing any bad days. This has always been the big advantage of running for 90 minutes. Even on a bad day, I usually gain only .1 kg. Days with a 90-minute session where I also gain .2 kg or more are few and far between. It does happen, but it’s not typical at all. It is far easier to run 60 minutes than 90 for me personally. But the slow 60-minute days turned out to be a failure, and my body pretty much rejects the faster 60-minute runs due to fatigue. However, I am eager to get down to 77.0 so I can do some of the slow 60-minute runs. What I will basically do is do one of these lighter workouts when I have had a good day before. Or to look at it another way, I want to run for 60 minutes until having a bad day. Then, I can bump back up to 90 to recover. No matter how you look at it, I personally have no choice but to run 90 minutes sometimes even if I am in weight maintenance mode and not actually trying to lose weight.

I was up to 79.3 after the first meal and drinking coffee. This was before running, not after. That was a .8 kg increase. A pattern appears to be emerging on days with a meal before running. I seem to rise about .7 or .8 kg. It was .8 kg today. It seems this is not a particularly great start to a day. But it has not caused me to have bad days since this starting this schedule. Even the first meal of the day probably has limits. Eating a huge breakfast and rising 1.5 kg would probably spell disaster for a day unless you have the ability to fast. But that would seem difficult since you are likely going to be hungry after exercising. I do remember not getting hungry from exercise when younger. I would get really thirsty but not all that hungry. But as I got older, exercise did start to make me hungry. So I have to keep that in mind if eating before exercise. A very large meal could hurt me later in the day.

Today’s run result was back down to average. I lost 1.1 kg, reducing me down to 78.2.

My diet after the run was pretty disciplined today. I rose to 78.9 after the second meal and water and then 79.3 for the last meal. As usual, my first meal appears to have been the biggest, which is what seems to suit me fine.

79.3 was also pretty much the breakeven point for today since the starting weight was 78.5. My overnight drop was so-so. It was .9 kg, which gave me the minimum daily weight loss of .1 kg. I was 78.4 at weigh-in time. This was a decent follow-up to yesterday’s nice loss of .3 kg.

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