Had To Fast For a Few Hours Due to Diet Problems; Ended Up Losing Weight

Day 429

Today, my diet got out of control early. However, it’s not always easy to judge how diet is going by weight only. The advantage to counting calories is that you have a good idea whether you are eating too much of the wrong food. However, I don’t count calories because it’s too time consuming. I just base my diet on weight gained during the day. Again, though, the drawback to this is that you may increase a lot in even just 30 minutes or an hour from substantial water consumption. So you need to keep in mind whether your water consumption seems higher than usual. This might mean that you are not overeating even if your weight rises more than expected in your intraday Pentamize tracking results.

Today appears to be one of those days. I was really thirsty after running, and my weight ended up getting higher at 3 in the afternoon (79.8) than yesterday’s max of 79.7.

Just to be on the safe side, I decided to completely stop eating or drinking anything for a few hours. Having risen to 79.8 so quickly (from a weight of 77.4 after the run), going and eating more would almost guaranteed a daily weight gain.

By the end of the day, I actually ended up losing quite a bit of weight in this roller coaster day. But that likely would not have happened if not for sacrificing for several hours. Please note that I never fast for a whole day. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever gone 24 hours in my life without eating. I certainly didn’t do it even once when losing all the weight while devising my Pentamize weight loss method. But today was such a rapid rise that there was no other choice but to sacrifice for a few hours. It paid off big time with a substantial weight loss this 24-hour period.

At 8 in the evening, I had dropped from 79.8 to 79.1. A loss of .7 kg over 5 hours is definitely higher than average, suggesting that water was, indeed, part of the reason for gaining so rapidly.

The day was not over for eating, though. I needed one more meal and rose to 79.6. This was pretty close to the breakeven point because my starting weight was 78.8, and a .8 increase is my estimate for breaking even. This left about 11 hours before the weigh-in. I drop less than .8 on some nights and more on others.

Today turned out to be very good for overnight weight loss. I can’t put my finger on what to do to get good days like this more often. The loss was 1.1 kg, and I lost .3 kg overall today. My final weight was 78.5. Today also got me out of a rut of about 3 days, where I was stuck at around 78.8 to 78.9. Hopefully, I can keep this going for at least one more day because my pace recovering down to 77.0 is decent but not all that fast.

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