In a Bit of a Rut But Managed a Weight Loss Of .1 KG

Day 428

My starting weight today was 78.9 kg. I ate breakfast before running. Because I am still getting used to this schedule, I don’t know whether eating first and then running or running first and then having the first meal of the day is better. So I have been trying both, depending on the situation and how I feel in general. The results do not seem largely different, though, if at all. Since I am still recovering by running 90 minutes a day, I have not had any really bad days. Every day so far in this recovery period has either been a weight loss, a breakeven day, or a small gain of .1 kg.

After the first meal, I was up to 79.5. This was my weight after going to the bathroom, so the increase from the first meal was about .7 kg. That seems a bit high, so it should probably be the biggest meal of the day. My normal practice is to have the biggest meal first.

I ran after the first meal, when my weight was still 79.5. This was the same weight as yesterday’s pre-run mark. The key today is to do better on diet after the run than yesterday.

I had a pretty good run, finishing at 78.2 kg. That was a solid loss of about 1.3 kg. So far in this recovery period, my results on these 90-minute runs have been rather inconsistent. I have dropped as low as about.9 and gone as high as about 1.3. This has occurred despite sticking to the same relatively slow pace. However, this fairly wide range is pretty consistent with my full weight-loss mode. The difference I still don’t understand is why I used to average a 1.5 kg weight loss, but now only average close to 1.1. This may be due to the fact that I was more overweight before than I am now. I mean, I was close to 70 pounds overweight at the max, and I am basically not overweight now, but am considered in the overweight category by 10 pounds or so if going by the very difficult BMI standard.

I was back up to 78.8 kg for the first post-run meal, which was the second meal of the day. That was .4 kg better then yesterday.

My last meal was a bit disappointing. I rose to 79.7. However, it was around 6 in the evening, giving me time to hopefully digest it all. With a start of 78.9, this gave me a decent chance to lose a little weight because .8 kg is at about the breakeven point, and 6 is quite early in the evening to finish eating for the day.

Unfortunately, I got a little hungry again and needed a little snack. But I had lost a little weight by that 9:45 snack, so I was 79.6 after it. That reduced my chances of losing weight on the day, but it was still a pretty good spot to be in.

My breakeven point is .8 kg, and that is exactly what I lost overnight. I ended up losing .1 kg today when ending at 78.8 kg. My diet was a little better today, and that may have been what made the difference since other factors were very similar.

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