Poor Mistakes And Bad Overnight Results Lead To Small Weight Gain

Day 427

I am coming off of a great day with a loss of .4 kg. It was a little strange that that occurred when considering that I only lost .8 kg overnight. However, that may have been the result of a situation where I retained water the day before. Then, my body was adjusting yesterday, but didn’t have much left to lose by the time it hit bedtime. It’s not too fruitful to worry about these sorts of weird ups and downs. The reason for tracking every day is to keep control. And that control is achieved by knowing what is going on all the time and learning average results.

I was disappointed to see that my weight rose to 79.5 kg for the first meal. That was also after going to the bathroom, so it was a little higher. It didn’t seem like I ate that much. The starting weight was 78.8. I was already anticipating a potential problem due to this first meal. The bread I ate may have been more than I thought it was. I don’t know for sure yet, but I probably need to practice getting the weight gain from the first meal down a little. As can be seen below, this took it’s toll even though I had a good run day.

My exercise result was the best in a long time. I dropped to 78.3 kg, or a drop of around 1.2 kg. It even dropped slightly more to 78.2 after hitting the restroom.

Once again, my diet failed me after the run. I rose back up to 79.2, which is a higher amount than I was expecting. It looks like I may need to make some adjustments to my diet. I appear to be eating too much at times without realizing it. Tracking before and after meals provides some ability to control my diet. But if I keep eating meals that are too big, the damage is already done. It’s hard to recover in less than 24 hours sometimes.

My last meal was more reasonable. I rose to about 79.6 kg. Despite the previous mistakes, this was .8 kg above the starting weight. Since .8 is my breakeven point (estimate only for breaking even because results vary from day to day), even the diet mistakes did not put me in too bad of shape at 8 at night. That is when I completely finished all eating and drinking and weighed 79.6.

The overnight results frankly sucked. I lost only .7, which is less than the estimated average of .8 to .9. That resulted in a final weight of 78.9 kg and a daily minimal weight gain of .1.

The good part about reviewing today’s results is that mistakes once again led to a weight gain of only .1 kg. This is why my pathetic butt always has to work out. Unless my diet is perfect, it seems I gain at least a little weight. I am not going to get it perfect, but hopefully I can get back to 77 and then start this flexible schedule that I am excited to begin. At least during periods when my diet is in order, I can reduce the duration of these running sessions.

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