Average Overnight Weight Loss Still Led to Overall Loss Of .4 KG

Day 426

My starting weight today was 79.2, which is from a minimal weight gain yesterday of .1 kg. This morning, I ate before running and drank a lot of coffee, resulting in a weight of 79.9.

It was darn cold today and was about 3 degrees Celsius. Despite that, I had a good run and lost down to 78.8 kg. I ate a smallish meal after running. This put me up to about 79.1 (a little higher, as that was after going to the bathroom). Since the starting weight today was 79.2, this is a very good spot to be in. I just need to limit myself to 2 more smallish meals. That is likely to set me up for a pretty big weight loss, or at least get me back into the 78 range.

With one more meal to go, I am doing fantastic compared to yesterday. I am at 79.0, which is actually less than the starting weight of 79.2. It’s now 7:30 in the evening, and I am about to eat my last meal. It will be a pretty small one of about .3 to .4 kg.

I was at about 79.5 after that last meal. It was a little more than I was expecting, but there’s nothing to complain about here. I have secured a nice day of weight loss unless something really strange happens overnight that prevents natural weight loss. My max was 80.3 yesterday, or .8 kg more than today’s 79.5. I was drinking some tea, which might raise my weight a little. But that’s just water, so it should be fine.

The overnight results were a little disappointing this time. I came in at around 78.8 kg, which was an overnight drop of about .8 kg. Still, that is actually my estimated drop for my breakeven point. So this result is pretty much average. It’s not a bad result, but I was hoping for something even bigger since I did so well yesterday with my diet. At any rate, I still lost a very good .4 kg today. And I am back in the 78 range. The goal remains to keep this up on a daily basis until reaching 77.0. Then, I will be able to run less on some days. I just can’t do that yet, though. It’s hard to believe I rose from the 76 range to 79.8 so fast. But I have lost back 1.0 kg of that now. So the progress for this recovery period is good, but only because I am working my butt off. To this day, hard work remains the key to success.

Today is a good example of why 90-minute runs are so good. Even if something doesn’t work out that well, I still often lose weight. That happened today even though my overnight weight loss was only .8 kg. That is average at best. Yet, I still ended up having a really good day overall. The problem, of course, is that running 90 minutes every day becomes a heavy burden on the body and the mind. This is why I would like to finish up this recovery period and get to a more flexible schedule.

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