Lost .3 KG Despite Poor Exercise Result

Day 424

The difference between the current tracking schedule that I started yesterday and the old one is that my final weigh-in is the first thing in the morning. That final weigh-in is also the starting weight for the next day. Today, that is 79.4 kg, which was down from 79.8 the day before. Thus, I lost .4 kg on the first day of this new Pentamize tracking system.

Note: This is not actually an old schedule or system. I have followed this schedule before, but it has been a while because I like to try new things and see if I can improve even more. For now, I am going to stick with doing daily final weigh-ins at 8 in the morning. This schedule is pretty much what I did when cutting my weight from about 106kg to 75 kg, or about 68 pounds. It might be the best system. I am going to return to it now and see how things go. The first day was solid, though.

I had a really disappointing weight loss from running this morning. I checked multiple times, and it said 78.6 kg. That is a very low .8 kg loss during a 90-minute run, down from the start of 79.4. Geez, that is about the lowest I have ever recorded. If I recall correctly, there was one day that was only .7. However, it started raining pretty hard this morning, and that, along with some strong winds, slowed me down some. That may have been the reason for the .8. Nonetheless, it made for a pretty poor start to the day.

The absolute max that I should be today is about 80.2. That is the approximate breakeven point. However, it’s vital to always stress that 80.2 should be the absolute maximum because that is just an estimate for breaking even, not actually losing weight. If you are just in weight maintenance mode and not trying to lose anymore, then 80.2 would be fine on a day like this. But I am trying to recover down to 77, so staying below that mark is important. Note that the 80.2 is derived from adding .8 to 79.4, with .8 being a rough estimate of how much I lose overnight. If I go over 80.2, there is a high risk of gaining weight on the day.

If I only go a little over the breakeven point but finish eating several hours before bedtime, my weight might slowly drift down to that weight by bedtime. However, this is highly risky and not advisable. It’s best to note that breakeven point and try not to go over it at any time during the day. I know it is not possible for many people to do that every day, but the goal is to try to stay at or below that each day. Bad days happen, but you’ll have to work even harder to recover if you let these bad days happen often or, worse yet, take a lot of cheat days.

After the first meal and plenty of fluids after exercise, I was up to 79.4 kg, which was the starting point. It’s about 12:30 in the afternoon. That seems like about as good of a start as I could expect. It includes water, coffee, tea, and some food.

I had some strawberry smoothies but attempted to keep it to a small portion. After having those, I went to the bathroom a little later and had risen to 79.7 kg. This is still pretty good so far. My max weight was 80.3 yesterday. However, it was 80.3 at about 9 at night, after I ate something I should not have. If I watch my weight and also avoid eating late, then I should be in good position today.

I was able to get down to 79.5 before having a pizza. That put me at around 79.9 kg. Then, after dropping a smidgen, I had a final snack that put me at around 79.9 again. This is only about .5 kg above the day’s starting weight of 79.4.

At 9, I literally had only a couple of bites to eat. My weight was still 79.9 at that time. It’s only .1 kg more than where I was trying to finish. I figured finishing at 79.8 would give me a chance to drop to 79.0, for an additional .4 kg. That would be the same weight loss as yesterday. It’s impossible to say now exactly what it will be. But it will be below 79.4. So I have almost guaranteed another good weight loss on this second day of the new schedule. And I have managed this even while eating a pizza.

I woke up at 4 in the morning, which is annoying because that is way too early. Nonetheless, I was already down to about 79.3 kg. That was a small weight loss already with about 4 more hours to go before the final daily weigh-in. However, the rate of weight loss slowed down after that. I was not able to get back to sleep and lost only .2 more kilograms by weigh-in time. That was still a good loss of .3 kg on the day, and that was achieved despite a very poor exercise loss of only .8 kg for a 90-minute session. I was going for .4, but any time you can lose .3 is still a big daily success.
I am ready to continue with this same progress, although not with much excitement when 90-minute sessions are involved. That is something I have never learned to enjoy, but it’s part of the sacrifice necessary to keep the weight off (especially in recovery periods). I still need to lose 2.1 kg to complete this recovery and start my 100-day test. The .7 kg of loss in the first 2 days is a solid start, though.

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