New Schedule Starts Today And Recovery Period Continues

Day 423

There are a few things to discuss on this first day of my new schedule. First things first, though. Let me lay out the basic framework of this schedule:

1. Wake up;
2. Do official weigh-in at about 8 in the morning (technically, this is the end of each day and the beginning of the next one);
3. Eat when desired and work out when desired, without any specific schedule;
4. Go to sleep; and
5. Start back at Step 1.

What you do not see above is all the tracking that I will be doing throughout the day. It’s especially important to be able to estimate how much I need to run and how much I will lose when sleeping. Because weight lost during exercise and also during sleep varies from day to day, only an estimate can be done. There is no way to accurately predict exactly how much. The average is what is important.

Some days, I will lose weight, and some days, I will gain. But it needs to even out over time if I am focusing on only weight maintenance. More is required during recovery periods.

Today is still a recovery period. In fact, I didn’t even work out yesterday and had a partial cheat day 2 days ago. Thus, I am looking at a pretty long recovery period. The goal I have set is to continue doing 90-minute running sessions until I can get down to to at least 77.0. Although 75.0 is my target weight, the purpose of the 77.0 goal is so I can stop doing 90-minute runs every day. Once I reach this short-term goal, then it will be time to do a 100-day test of flexible workouts. I am not going to discuss that fully today. But the main idea is to do as much exercise as necessary instead of sticking to a rigid schedule. Sticking to a rigid schedule has its good points and its bad points. But I will discuss that in more detail later.

My starting weight today is 79.8 kg. This is far higher than my weight should be, which is why I have opted to continue running 90 minutes a day to recover. Per my schedule, which is laid out above, my starting weight was measured at 8 in the morning, on Friday, November 17, 2017. The ending weight for this period will be tomorrow morning at 8 (Saturday, November 18, 2017).

I am living in Denmark at the moment. So there will be no Thanksgiving meals to worry about since that is not celebrated here. However, I’d like to get down to 77.0 before Christmas because I would like both Christmas and New Years meals to be included in the 100-day test. The reason for doing a full 100 days is to include cheat and break days and corresponding recovery periods. So it’s good to include these holiday meals because the idea is to see if the flexible schedule works in even the toughest of times (that also includes recovery periods).

I actually ate breakfast and had plenty of tea and coffee before running. Despite that, my weight was still at a reasonable 80.2 before the run. That was an increase of only .4 kg from the starting weight. The only concern is possibly getting too hungry from the exercise session. We’ll see what happens. As always, I must focus on small meals. If so, I should be okay.

My results for today’s run were great. I finished at about 78.9 kg, or roughly 1.3 kg of weight loss during the run. This used to be normal. Even if the 80.2 measurement from a little earlier was slightly off, there is a remarkable difference between a slow 60-minute run and a slow 90-minute jaunt. Physically, my knees get a little sore during the last 30 minutes. This is why I don’t really like 90-minute sessions. However, I must do what needs to be done. These sessions must be part of my overall weight maintenance. Hopefully, I can get them down to 25 percent of the time.

The rest of the day is going to involve getting used to my post-run eating schedule. Under the system I just finished using, I did not eat at all before running. Under this new system, I am allowed to eat before a run. So that means my overall food consumption after the run and before going to sleep must be less than before. To help me do this, I need to determine what I refer to in the Pentamize system as a breakeven point.

The breakeven point is similar to the Danger Zone. But instead of a weight that stays the same every day (2.0 kg), I express the breakeven point as the weight at which I estimate I will break even if I stop eating at that point, go to sleep, and then weigh in in the morning.

In the Day 425 blog, I will explain more about the Danger Zone, the breakeven point, and how they are different. For now, though, I will just say that my Pentamize tracking history says that my breakeven point is about .8 kg above the day’s starting weight. This does not really apply if eating before a run. It applies after the run is over.

My starting point today was 79.8 kg. So the breakeven point is around 80.6 kg. To lose weight, it is ideal to stay well below that point. The closer you get, the more risk you have of gaining weight on the day. Of course, going over it is also a big risk. 80.6 could also be expressed as the Danger Zone. But under this system, I should never be even close to 2.0 kg over the starting weight even though 2.0 was the Danger Zone under the previous system. Something is very wrong if that happens. The reason for this is that the run is in the early or middle part of the day and not at the end. More on this in the Day 425 blog, where I will compare the old system with a 2.0 Danger Zone and the new system that I am starting today.

After drinking some and eating one meal and going to the bathroom after the run, I was up to 79.5 kg. This seems pretty good so far, and I was still not all that hungry at 5 in the afternoon. I will eat 2 more small snacks. Hopefully, that will be enough, keeping in mind that I am now allowed to eat in the morning before running. So it’s not as important to eat a lot at night. Under no circumstances should I go above 80.6 kg today, which is my estimated breakeven point. As of 5 in the afternoon, I am more than 1 kg below that. The other thing to keep in mind is that losing weight will require staying below this breakeven point. If you use this system, you must keep that in mind. You want to be below it, but hopefully without having to go hungry. If you are having to go hungry, you might end up having to make some adjustments to your exercise routine or perhaps what you are eating if you are eating foods that are detrimental to weight loss or maintenance.

After a couple more smallish meals, I was up to around 80.0 kg. That is pretty darn good when considering the starting weight of 79.8. I will have a very small snack later of about .1 kg and should be just fine for the morning weigh-in. While it’s hard to predict how much weight I will be losing, it could be .5 kg or more. Hopefully, I can get down to the high 78 range. This would be a very good first day on this new system.

I ate a little fruit before sleeping and was up to about 80.3 kg. Although that was a bit of a mistake, I should still lose weight today unless I have a very low overnight weight loss.

That one mistake late last night (at about 9) was silly and completely avoidable. Nonetheless, I still appeared to be in good position to lose weight. I slept around 8 hours and was 79.6 when getting up. That was at 6 in the morning. So I had secured at least a small weight loss (.2 kg) on the day at that time. It probably should have been more at that point, but any positive progress is a good thing. However, I should try to avoid mistakes like that in recovery. Even eating extra fruit is not necessarily a good thing.

Before going on my run, I weighed in at 79.4 just a few minutes before the run. That made for a good daily weight loss of .4 kg, and that is a solid first start on this new system.

I had gotten down to about 79.4 and then had a really disappointing weight loss from running. I checked multiple times, and it said 78.6 kg. That is a very low .8 kg loss during a 90-minute run. Geez, that is about the lowest I have ever recorded. However, it started raining pretty hard, and that, along with some strong winds, slowed me down some. That may have been the reason for the .8.

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