Gained .2 KG But With No Exercise; Tomorrow Is First Day Of New Schedule

Day 422

This is actually a partial day because of the change in schedule mentioned above. I will be weighing in without having exercised for almost 2 days. So it will not be surprising if my weight goes up yet again from the 79.6 from Day 421.

At 4 in the afternoon, my weight was 80.5 kg. That is not too bad of a start, and I will be finishing the day off later with strawberry smoothies and about .1 kg of beef meatballs. This will hopefully keep me from gaining a large amount of weight for the morning official weigh-in. But under these circumstances, some weight gain is highly likely. Then, for Day 423, I will be running 90 minutes, which is hopefully enough to get me off to a good start on the new schedule.

Not much later, I had dropped to about 80.1. I am not really hungry now, so I won’t have any problems waiting a couple of hours and then having those smoothies and a little meat. Things are good so far. The main concern is adjusting to the new schedule, which is always a challenge. However, I have done this schedule of weighing in the first thing in the morning before. So it should not be too hard of an adjustment.

At 8 at night, I was at 80.2. The slight increase was from coffee only. This is very good shape. However, drinking smoothies has typically raised my weight by about .6 kg before. Add a little meat, and that’s about .7 kg. If we add all that up, it amounts to 1.3 kg when adding the current .6 and the expected .7. That is very good and would normally result in a huge weight loss when running. In this case, however, I will be weighing in before running as part of my new schedule. So I may still be above the starting point of 79.6 kg. However, this situation should correct itself in just one day, meaning Day 423 of this blog.

I checked my weight right before going to bed and after having the smoothies and a little more meat than I was expecting. However, going to the bathroom lowered it a little, and my weight was 80.6 kg. So at that point, I was only 1.0 kg over the starting weight for today, keeping in mind that I am weighing in early today. It does not have to be the very first thing in the morning. I can take time and go to the bathroom a couple of times. The important thing with the new system is to weigh in at approximately 8 in the morning. So if I get up early, there is a little time.

This morning, I woke up and was 79.8 kg, which was an overnight loss of .8 kg. That is not an especially big loss. Nonetheless, because I ate so little yesterday, it is only .2 kg above the starting weight. Also, I need to use the bathroom again. So I might actually get down to the breakeven point by 8 or so in the morning. At any rate, it will be very close to the breakeven point.

Despite going to the bathroom, I was still 79.8 at 8 in the morning. That is my final weight for this partial day. Even without exercise, I was only .2 kg over this period. I wish this were possible all the time. Losing weight would be super easy. But once I start exercising, then I eat more. That seems to be what makes it hard to just exercise and expect to lose weight. You have to get the right balance of food and exercise to lose or maintain weight.

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