15th Day Of Slow Runs Produces Big Weight Loss Of .5 KG

Day 415

Today started out about as well as could ever be expected. After my first full meal and drinking some fluids after the run, I had only jumped .9 kg, to 78.4. It just can’t get much better than that when actually eating and feeling satisfied from the first meal. Of course, starving would be less, but that’s not an option.

After the second meal, I was still only 1.3 kg over today’s starting weight. At that point, I felt that one more meal would probably be enough food for the rest of the day.

That third meal had me up to about 79.1, or 1.6 kg over the 77.5 starting weight. I did actually eat one more small snack, but that still had me at only about 79.1 because of going to the bathroom before that final snack of the day. So my max today was about 1.6 kg over. This amount almost always results in weight loss when doing a slow 60-minute run. I am happy with sticking with a slow session today because I am still testing these sessions. As of yesterday, I was .4 kg above since this test started when my weight was 77.1 kg. So I will probably be very close to breakeven again for slow one-hour runs by day’s end. The greatest part about that is this weight maintenance occurred despite having one cheat day

I seem to be peeing more today than usual. This looks promising for losing some weight today, along with the fact that I maxed out at only 1.6 kg, which was 79.1 kg. Compare that to yesterday’s max of 79.5, and this is looking pretty good. There is really nothing else I can do, but I will say the probable difference today.

I woke up a bit early and waited until 7:30 in the morning to measure my overnight weight loss. After going to the bathroom twice, I was 78.1 kg, for a 1.0 kg loss in about 12 hours. 78.1 is .3 kg better than yesterday at close to the same time. And since I broke even yesterday, losing weight today is nearly a certainty. I have another 4 to 5 hours before my official weigh-in. So there is some chance here of losing .4 kg or even more. I can’t say exactly, but it’s definitely going to be a loss since I am only .6 kg at this point. There is no way that can’t be a weight loss since I will lose that much from the run only.

Over the next 4 1/2 to 5 hours before running, I had a glorious natural weight loss of .6 kg. So I was actually at the breakeven point today even before running. Although it is raining continuously outside, I cannot spoil this opportunity for a huge day. All I need to get back to breakeven on slow 60-minute days is a loss of .4 kg. And even the worst 60-minute runs have produced at least .5 kg of weight loss. There is a stadium near my place that I run under sometimes when it rains. I’ll run under that as long as it’s still raining. But I can’t miss this golden opportunity to break even.

I ended with a nice weight loss of .5 kg today, dropping to 77.0 after running and going to the bathroom. While I didn’t lose much from the run this time, the overall 24-hour period saw great diet control and steady natural weight loss in addition to my exercise session. Better yet, I have now actually lost .1 kg with the slow 60-minute runs, and that includes a cheat day.

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