Broke Even With a Slow Run When Hitting 2.0 KG Danger Zone

Day 414

Overall, I got off to a good start today after a hiccup yesterday. I gained .3 kg yesterday when reaching the 2.0 Danger Zone. However, a good bit of that was water. So it does not seem that I made a lot of diet mistakes. Since I had lost weight 5 days in a row before that, I am chalking that result up to probable water retention.

At 4:45 in the afternoon, I was only at 78.7 kg, which was 1.2 kg above the starting weight of 77.5. That is a very manageable position when considering I have probably 2 more smallish meals to go. They certainly can’t be big meals. Otherwise, I would certainly go over the 2.0 kg increase that I have determined is a big mistake when maintaining a regimen of slow 60-minute jogs.

Running for an hour even at a slow pace may seem like a lot and may even be a lot of exercise for some people. It’s not much for me, as exercise is an indispensable part of my weight maintenance plan. Now that it is getting cold again here in Denmark, I am noticing only a .6 or .7 kg weight loss when doing one of these runs. That makes maintaining proper diet control even more important since I can’t usually recover from any big mistakes with a slow one-hour run.

Around 5:30, I had a medium-sized pizza that was about .35 kg. After going to the bathroom, my weight was back down to about 78.9 kg, which is a 1.4 kg increase. So it looked like a good time to have a little yogurt as my last meal of the night. I will also have a very small amount of meat (about .1 kg at most). This last meal should keep me well below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone.

I may have messed up here. I did eat the yogurt and a little meat. But I also ate a fairly small chocolate muffin that somebody brought home. That was not planned, but it was still my weak moment that caused me to eat it. That muffin was really not necessary. In times like this, I realize that doing nothing but slow 60-minute runs is an iffy proposition. When I mess up like tonight, there may be times when I have to run longer or harder. I just can’t be perfect on diet, so some harder work on exercise may be necessary to maintain my weight at the desired level.

I checked and found out that my weight was at the 2.0 kg Danger Zone, or 79.5 kg in this case. So while I did foul up a little, it wasn’t too terribly bad. However, I am likely at some risk of gaining a little weight today. My discipline has gone off the rails the past couple of days compared to the recovery period. Maybe I was more psychologically motivated because of the focus on recovering.

My overnight weight loss was decent this time and possibly enough to allow me to lose a little weight this daily period. I woke up and was 78.4 kg, which was a drop of 1.1 kg in about 12 hours, including sleep time. 78.4 is .9 kg above 77.5, which is the starting weight for today. Since I have about 5 hours until my official weigh-in, which includes my exercise session, then this is looking pretty good unless natural weight loss stalls like it does from time to time. But I am probably looking at a weight loss of about .2 kg. This is only an estimate. We’ll see how close it is in reality.

By 11:30 in the morning, I had gotten down to 78.1. This is fairly close to the drop of around .1 kg per hour. I am about to run soon and am exactly .6 kg above the starting weight. Since that is just about what I have been losing during the slow runs, it looks like I will at least break even today or lose weight. Gaining weight is highly doubtful. If I can lose a little weight today, it will show that reaching 2.0 kg and doing a slow one-hour run can still produce a small weight loss. However, if in recovery mode, such as after the recent cheat day, staying well below 2.0 is better because the average daily result when increasing by 2.0 kg during the day is probably closer to breakeven than actually losing weight. I’d say averaging a 1.8 or 1.9 increase is about the max if I am trying to actually lose weight with slow 60-minute sessions. 2.0 is very risky but might work as an average if the goal is to merely break even.

As with the past few days, I lost .6 kg from the run and did not reduce any after that. So I broke even today, finishing at 77.5 kg. All in all, that’s actually a promising result. I rose to the Danger Zone and still managed to break even with a slow run.

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