Gained .3 KG After a Long 5-Day Stretch Of Weight Loss

Day 413

Today started out really well. After the first full meal and bathroom time, I had only increased from 77.2 to 78.2, or a jump of only 1.0 kg. But after that, things started to go bad. I ate my second meal and had some water and coffee, and that put me up to an increase of 1.7 kg. Granted, some of that is water and will probably not affect me negatively by the end of the day. However, this means I need to limit myself to one more small meal. It’s 6 in the evening as I am writing this, so I will try to have a small meal at about 7 and hope the end result is an increase of less than 2.0 kg. As of the time of this update, I was at 78.9. And an increase of 2.0 would be 79.2.

I want to summarize my excellent recovery period over the past 5 days. In fact, I didn’t even predict this success since it seemed that slow 60-minute runs were not getting a good result the first few days. By chance, I ended up taking a cheat day only 6 days after beginning my experiment on slow runs. At that time, I was .1 kg over (77.2 from a start of 77.1). Then, the cheat day totally blew that because I had a huge increase from 77.2 to 78.8, or 1.6 kg. Yes, my cheat days can get this bad. A real cheat day for me means I am going to enjoy myself. A small snack is not a cheat day. Small snacks can be daily. As you can see from my cheat-day results, though, I mean some serious “let your hair down and have a good time” eating when I talk about a full cheat day.

Day 7 of my test was the cheat day, so that meant I had gained 1.7 kg on slow runs, with 1.6 of it on the single cheat day. Since that time, I have made a full recovery back down to 77.2, which means I am back to being .1 kg over for this test. However, it now includes the cheat day and 100% successful recovery period. I was guessing that I would have to do some harder or longer runs to recover. But good diet discipline and an average max increase of about 1.7 kg was enough to get the job done.

These are the weight-loss figures for the 5 days of this successful recovery:

Day 1: lost .4 kg
Day 2: lost .4 kg
Day 3: lost .4 kg
Day 4: lost .3 kg
Day 5: lost .1 kg

I don’t know why the first 3 days were all so good, but the weight loss reduced for Days 4 and 5. Perhaps I will finally gain a little today. However, that would be normal because 6 days in a row even with 90-minute runs is not particularly common. I have done it, but you usually see a gain after 2 to 4 days. 6 days in a row is tough, and this is going to apply even more with the 60-minute slow sessions.

I got up to about 1.9 kg for the last meal and was back down to about 1.8 at 8:45 at night. Today, I have felt thirstier than the past few days. This could cause a weight gain by the end of today, depending on how fast this water is used up. But one thing I can’t let myself do is get dehydrated. This kind of extreme and unhealthy measure is something you would expect in a sporting contest or something, but it’s not appropriate for the permanent lifestyle change that is part of my Pentamize weight maintenance mode.

I drank some more and was back up close to 79.2, which is the 2.0 kg Danger Zone. It loooks like today is one of those days where the body is ready to correct and retain weight. After 5 days in a row of weight loss, this is not a surprise and is something that has always happened in my Pentamize tracking history. So there is no good reason to get all upset about it. I just do the best I can.

My overrnight weight loss was not very good. I was still about 78.5 when waking up at 7:30. That is a whole 1.3 kg over the starting weight of 76.2. Ouch. This could turn into one awful day when you consider that my recent slow runs have only produced losses of about .6 or .7 kg. Anyway, I do still have about 5 hours before the official weigh-in. If this number reduces naturally, it should just be a pretty small “correction” weight gain.

It’s like I am suddenly experiencing a total meltdown. Even 3+ hours after getting up, I was still 78.4 despite going to the bathroom. It doesn’t seem like my body wants to shed weight today. Well, as stated above, this is probably a natural correction, which was inevitable, anyway. So I am just going to run, assess the damage, and then continue as before. There is no reason to change anything now. I just wasn’t execting it to be this bad since I finished at a max of about 2.0 kg last night. More weight should have been off by now even for a “correction” day.

Things finally got a little better right before the running session. I went to the bathroom and was down to 78.1 kg. This puts me in the position of possibly gaining about .3 kg today if the run result isn’t that good. But that is a huge improvement over the prospect of gaining .6 or .7 kg, which seemed like a possibility just an hour ago.

My run was the typical slow, one-hour affair. It was pretty cold, and that probably kept the weight loss down to .6 kg. Even though I urinated, there was no further drop. I will say that I am weighing in a little early today. But it probably didn’t change much. I finished the day at 77.5 kg, for a weight gain of .3 kg.

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