A Loss Of .3 KG And 4 Days In a Row Of Losing Weight Since a Cheat Day

Day 411

I want to start today be reviewing my current recovery period, which is heading into its 4th day today. First, this is historic for me because it’s the first time I am doing a recovery after a cheat day when doing intentionally slower running sessions. All sessions are one hour, and the goal is to have a heart rate of about 120. That is lower medium intensity for me. I was not expecting to even be able to recover under these conditions, but the results have been surprisingly good. So far, I have lost .4 kg each of the first 3 days, for a total of 1.2 kg.

I attribute the success in this recovery so far to my diet discipline. I have successfuly stayed below the 2.0 kg upper guideline on intraday weight gain (meaning the maximum gained during the day before the weight starts to fall off due to sleeping and then a morning run).

As long as I could keep my max increase to 1.7 or so every day, I suppose it would be easy to maintain. But there are days when I am just too hungry for that. Today looks like it might be one of those days. After the first meal, I was up to 78.9 already. That is a 1.3 kg increase. While some of that was from water, a lot of it was from food. After 3 days of not having all that much to eat, my body may be craving more today. So I will have to exercise discipline to stay at or below the 2.0 mark. On some days, this is just too hard, and I do go over. That was happening before the cheat day, where I had started slower runs but was having trouble due to going over 2.0. One day, I even got up to 2.4, and that definitely resulted in a daily weight gain.

Despite the poor start, I went to the bathroom, got back down to a 1.0 kg increase, and was 1.1 kg up at 3:30 in the afternoon. After gutting through the last hour and ust letting the food that I had already eaten digest, I am no longer quite so hungry. Eating 3 smallish meals the rest of the day should be enough to eat without starving but also without incurring a high risk of overeating. Of course, I will keep drinking my coffee and water, but that has a net zero effect overall (might actually help weight loss since it typically promotes a more efficient digestive system).

After 2 more meals, I rose to 1.7, meaning 79.3 kg. I then immediately dropped to 79.2 after going to the restroom, and that was at 7:30 in the evening. I have achieved the 1.7 mark again today and at least have a fighting chance to completely recover from the cheat day tomorrow. However, this is very far from a given, as .4 kg is always a large amount to lose in one day. Regardless, this appears to be another good day.

Over the next 12 hours, which included my sleep time, I dropped about 1.0 kg, to 78.3. That is a solid drop that leaves me only .7 kg above the 77.6 starting mark. As with yesterday, I am almost certain to lose weight now since I have a good 4 hours or so before the weigh-in, and a one-hour running session is coming up. However, it’s going to be tough to hit that 77.2 mark and completely recover from the cheat day in 4 days. Nonetheless, the chance is there. One thing is for certain, though. This kind of recovery is not possible without considerable diet discipline. I have maxed out at about 1.7 kg all 4 days. So I have definitely worked hard to earn it and could have easily eaten more food if losing that discipline.

I continued to drop to about 77.9 over the next 4 to 4 1/2 hours. That leaves the run, and I will then do my daily official weigh-in right after that session is over (will use the bathroom first if I need to right away, but won’t wait for it). I need to lose .7 kg to complete the recovery to 77.2. Since .7 is a fairly average result, the odds are pretty good to make it.

I had a run that was consistent with what I am trying to do – run slow while also keeping a pace that is good enough to get a decent workout. On some days, though, this produces poor results. I lost only .6 kg, which dropped me to only 77.3. This means I did not make the full recovery from the cheat day. However, I am within .1 kg of that and can hopefully pull this off tomorrow. Meanwhile, this was still another great day of weight loss, as I shed .3 kg. I am also back below the 77.4 starting weight of my 60-minute sessions. This does include all the fast sessions. As far as slow sessions, I am not at a small weight gain of .2 kg. But since that includes the recent cheat day, there is a good chance of showing a weight loss or at least weight maintenance with the slow running sessions, as well.

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