Another Great Recovery Day Using Only a Slow Run And Effective Diet Discipline

Day 410

I am on a great roll at the moment and heading into the 3rd day of a recovery period. After only 2 days of slower runs, I have lost back .8 kg of the 1.6 gained on the Day 407 cheat day. Although this recovery is different because it’s the first one trying to recover while doing slow one-hour runs, the results have been better than expected so far. I have no time to let up or reward myself in any way right now, though. Since my slow runs had me gaining a little weight before the cheat day, I was definitely worried. We’ll see if this recovery can continue, but it’s been great so far.

Today is not much different than the typical day. The main goal is to not exceed a maximum daily weight increase of 2.0 kg. Preferably, it should be below that. For example, my increase was about 1.7 kg yesterday, and the end result was a weight loss of .4 kg. If I had gone to 2.0, I would have been in danger of gaining weight even if not exceeding that Danger Zone.

At 2 in the afternoon, my first full meal was finished, and I had gained 1.0 kg (78.0 to 79.0). This is pretty normal, as the first meal always includes more water than the rest of the day and also usually a larger meal. Then, after that first meal, it is vital to keep the meals small. A start of 1.0 kg is still pretty small when considering water intake after the running session. But if it were about 1.3 or more, I would already be in trouble. 1.0, though, is just fine.

After another couple of small snacks, I was still at 79.1 kg. This day is going even better than expected. I figured I would be at least 1.4 by now. Going to the bathroom must have helped a lot more than anticipated. This gives me a very big opportunity to eat one more meal or 2 smaller snacks and still lose a lot of weight today. If I can stay at 1.5 or below, I should do very well. Note that I am not starving here. I actually 3 small chicken patties about an hour ago and one egg. Starving is not one of my methods of losing weight during a recovery period or any other time, either. I do abstain from eating too much when reaching the Danger Zone or getting really close to it. However, I never fast all day or use similar extreme measures.

At 7:30 in the evening, I was at 79.4 kg. It was time to have a little yogurt and wrap it up for the night. This will put me at either 79.6 or 79.7, which is fine either way.

Overnight results put me in a very good position to lose weight. I woke up at about 7:30 and was 78.6, which means that I lost about 1.1 kg from 8 at night until wakeup time. That is a little better than average. Depending on how the run goes, this could be a massive weight loss day. I don’t even want to predict, but the potential is big. Nonetheless, it’s either going to be a great or a super great weight loss result. This recovery is so much better than expected.

I dropped to 77.9 as a result of the jogging session. It was my typical slow pace and actually a little slower based on heart rate, showing a rate of about 116 at the end. That was decent loss of about .7 kg, but not quite as good as yesterday’s .9. At any rate, 77.9 is already in the weight-loss side of the column. And I had about 2.5 to 3 hours left before the official weigh-in. Good times at least this morning. LOL.

At 11:30, I recorded a nice drop to 77.5 kg. This is YUUUUGE. I will wait until 12 noon and do a final weigh-in, but it’s quite possible that I won’t lose any more weight today because I have lost so much already. At any rate, as it stands now, I am in the most satisfying recovery period I have ever been in because this is the first time doing slow 60-minute runs, and it is working. The slower sessions can only get me so much, but it’s enough if (and this is a big “if”) my diet discipline is in order.

For my final weigh-in, I was 77.6. Even though I didn’t eat anything, that was a slight increase from before. These numbers can vary slightly with a bathroom scale. But I want to be conservative about results and will just record it as 77.6. That is still a weight loss of .4 kg today, and it’s the 3rd day in a row with the same weight loss.

After 3 days of recovery, I have dropped from 78.8 to 77.6, or 1.2 kg even when doing slower runs. I can’t expect better than this, and the great part is it shows that I can even recover from a cheat day with slower 60-minute running sessions. That is, at least I can partially recover. I still have .4 kg more to completely recover from the cheat day 4 days ago. We’ll see if we can make that happen, but it should work fine if I maintain my diet.

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