Weight Tracking By Separate Segments Of a Day Results In Wild Differences

Day 409

Yesterday was the first day of my current recovery period, and it was a mixed bag. It was pretty cold outside, and that may have been a factor in the poor running result of a loss of only .5 kg. It’s been mostly about .7 kg of weight loss lately for the slower runs. This was bad, but the good part is that I lost .4 kg overall. I did this by dropping from 78.8 to 78.4 kg. That is not a surprising result because of the “bounceback” effect, which you can read more about in yesterday’s blog post.

Today, I did not do quite as much Pentamize tracking. But I did check my weight at 5 in the afternoon, and I was 79.9 kg. That is an increase of 1.5 kg over the starting weight of 78.4. This leaves a little room below the Danger Zone mark of 2.0. I have to be careful now and make sure any additional meals for the rest of the day are very small.

I had about 2.5 kg of yogurt at 6 and went to the bathroom a little later. At that time, I weighed about 79.8 kg. So this leaves room for one more small meal and coffee, which seems about right because I do have some slight hunger pangs. As long as the last meal is .3 kg or less, I should be fine for tomorrow.

After a rather small snack and bathroom break, I was at 80.0 kg. This should be it for the night, but I feel like about .1 kg more of something. So I will probably finish at either 1.6 or 1.7 kg over the starting weight of 78.4. This is a good number and gives me a decent chance of losing a little weight. But it does depend on what happens overnight. I am almost destined to only lose .5 to .7 kg on the run. So I’ll need to lose about .7 or so overnight, exercise early, and then wait it out for a few hours and hope that a little more weight falls off naturally.

My overnight weight loss was a disappointment. I was at 79.3 when getting up. However, I still have a good chance of losing weight. It is 7:30 in the morning, and I am .9 kg above the starting mark. Since my weigh-in is going to be at around 12 noon and after running, my final weight should be somewhere around 78.2 to 78.5. It’s too hard to predict any closer than that.

There was a huge difference in weight loss during the run between yesterday and today. Yesterday had a very odd loss of only. 5, but today was about .8 to .9. I weighed in at 78.4 after the run. This put me at breakeven for the day, but still with a couple of hours left before the official weigh-in. Although I probably won’t lose .4 kg today (like yesterday), that is likely only because of the lack of a bounceback effect. But the good part is that I am set to lose a little weight for the right reasons, which is that I stayed well below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone.

As yo can see from today’s blog post, cutting a day into segments and seeing how much you lose during those segments makes weight maintenance seem like a wild roller-coaster ride. Even my prediction above of 78.2 to 78.5 was off by .2 kg. My overnight weight loss was disappointing (about .7), but my run result of .9 was great. And if you look only at yesterday, a running session of seemingly almost the exact same intensity and duration resulted in only a .5 kg weight loss. Although I do Pentamize tracking on all these segments of a day, it’s important not to get too hung up on them. Just like with daily segments, you see wild, unpredictable, and inexplicable differences. Swings are interesting to track, but the real purpose of tracking is always to determine an average result.

After running early and dropping to 78.4, things just kept getting better. I went to the bathroom a couple of times, weighed in more than an hour early, but had still gotten down to 78.0 kg. So for the second day in a row, I lost .4 kg overall. It’s not clear whether a bounceback effect helped me today like it probably did yesterday. Nonetheless, the main goal is to continue the slower 60-minute runs and stay below the 2.0 kg Danger Zone on a daily basis. So far, my recovery is awesome, dropping .8 kg in 2 days after the cheat day. If I can muster .8 more, then that would put me all the way back down to 77.2, which is where my weight was before the cheat day.

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