“Bounceback” Of .4 KG On First Recovery Day After Cheating

Day 408

This is the first day after a big cheat day, and this recovery round is going to be different for one big reason. In all other recoveries in the past, I have either run almost every day for 90 minutes to recover. However, even last time, when I had reduced runs to 60 minutes, I ran harder than usual in order to increase intensity and lose more weight. This is the first time I am doing slow 60-minute runs during a cheat day recovery period.

I am only one week into testing on the slow runs. The initial goal of doing 30 days of testing might be curtaile. I am going to play this by ear and see what happens, but it seems doubtful that I can lose enough weight to recover since I was actually .2 kg over even before yesterday’s cheat day. At a minimum, though, I am going to give this 7 more days. That will at least give me 2 weeks to assess slower runs. I don’t want to spend too much time stuck in the 78 range because I really should be in the 76 range on a regular basis.

While my diet started really well in the earlier stages today, I got close to the Danger Zone at about 6 in the evening. My weight was up to around 80.5 from a start of 78.8. That is about 1.7 kg. So I needed to sacrifice from that point, although I actually was not really hungry anymore. The plan the rest of the day was to drink coffee only. That is pretty much equivalent to just drinking water since it is black coffee with nothing added.

At bedtime, my weight had fallen a little to 80.4. Then, I had a good weight loss overnight, dropping to about 79.5. And that was when waking up at 6:30. Thus, this has the potential to be a huge weight loss day. Part of it is probably due to the “bounceback” effect, which sometimes happens the day after a cheat day. The only time I ever lost a lot of weight without exercising was the day after a cheat day. So I don’t want to get too excited about today. But it will be nice to lose some of the weight that I gained yesterday.

I just kept on falling for the next few hours before the run. I hit 78.9 kg, which is .1 kg from the breakeven point even before running. Although I cannot prove it conclusively, this is completely consistent with the bounceback effect after a cheat day. Once I run, today is likely to show a weight loss of .6 or .7 kg, or possibly even slightly more. Then, however, it will get tougher to lose the extra weight because the bounceback effect doesn’t seem to occur more than 1 or 2 days. So I am still in for the long haul as far as trying to get back down to 77.2 kg (the mark before the cheat day). Nonetheless, it feels good to lose a lot of it today.

My exercise result was horrible. I only dropped from 78.9 to 78.4. That is a paltry .5 kg and ties my Pentamize tracking record for the lowest amount recorded for a medium-intensity running session. Despite that, I still lost .4 kg on this first recovery day. That is a solid start, but I am still 1.2 kg over the pre-cheat-day weight.

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