Good Loss Of .4 KG After a Cheat Day

Day 435

After two bad days in terms of diet errors, I got back to very good diet performance today. This ultimately produced a weight loss of .4 kg. Often, I will do very well the day after a cheat day. In this case, however, the best day was 2 days after. The reason is not that clear, but tomorrow’s result (read Day 436 blog post) allowed me to fully recover from yesterday’s cheat day.

Today’s schedule was a little different because I was busy doing some work and was not able to get around to running in the morning or afternoon. However, this kind of change in schedule does not seem to have any significant effect on weight loss or maintenance results as long as your diet and exercise largely remain the same overall.

Up to 6 in the evening, which was still before doing my running session, my diet results were phenomenal. I was still at only 79.6 kg, up from a start of 79.1. It isn’t going to get much better than that unless you are starving. And I was definitely not starving.

At that point in the day, though, I felt one more meal was needed. So the plan was to do my 90-minute run and then go ahead and have a final meal for the day before sleeping. Since the only thing left to do after running is eat and sleep, it should ideally be a pretty small meal in this kind of situation since there is obviously not much need for added energy if all you are going to do is sleep.

My habit is to weigh myself after the final meal or at least before sleeping, but I just skip it sometimes because it is not really necessary to do that every day. In this case, I ate a fairly small final meal and expected to lose weight since I was at 78.7 after the run, from the 79.1 daily start. An average-sized meal of no more than about .5 or .6 pounds would suffice.

By morning, I had dropped back down to 78.7 kg. That made for a daily weight loss of .4 kg.

Although .4 is always a solid daily result, I was hoping for more in this spot. This was the day after a big cheat day, and that is when you will often get a “bounceback” effect. This is apparently due to delayed digestion from having large food consumption on a cheat day, but I can’t say for sure what causes it from a scientific standpoint. That bounceback effect either didn’t happen today or was smaller than expected. Somewhat unusually, I lost double today’s amount on Day 436. See that blog entry to read about that.

Massive Cheat Day Reminds Me That Family Outings Are a Risk That Needs To Be Managed

Day 434

After messing up on my diet last night and breaking even when I should have lost a lot of weight, I was looking forward to getting back to better performance on my diet today. That did not transpire by the end of this day. In fact, it was a royal disaster.

I started out going out with the family around town. While we were going to eat some burgers, which often makes for a moderate cheat day, this turned into a full cheat day by the time it was over.

First of all, I drank two cokes and had a cheeseburger and fries. Then, I ended up finishing my wife’s burger. I don’t like eating out because I don’t have the discipline to just eat a little. My discipline is much better when at home than when eating out. That’s exactly why I try to avoid eating out and limit it to only one or two outings per month. The temptation for me to cheat is far too great.

Family outings can be very risky to a weight maintenance plan. My wife can’t seem to understand that we can go out and do something besides eat. Eating is only one possible activity. Yet, she always wants to eat somewhere. This is why I sometimes just tell her I am staying home. If you are with a family that puts you in bad spots like this, then you need to find a way to at least minimize the outings. I am convinced my wife will never understand how hard it is for me to maintain weight. If she did, then she would not constantly suggest eating out. So the only thing I can do is limit these outings to one or two a month. That is my method of control. You can do that or find your own method that suits your personal situation. But remember this. You may enjoy being with your family. But you aren’t going to be with them any longer if you lose your health. Enjoy your family and friends, but find a way to either do healthy activities when you do go out or limit the number of these outings if there is no other way to manage them.

I rose from 77.9 to 79.3 as a result of eating out. Before cheating even more, I did get in a 90-minute run, which dropped me back down to 78.2. At that point, if I had really watched my diet, the run could have saved me from having such a bad day. But alas, that did not happen. I ate again, having a lot of coke and cake and whatever else. This shot me well into the 79 range. I didn’t even bother weighing in before sleeping, but I was 79.1 kg when waking up.

Since my official weigh-ins are at 8 in the morning, 79.1 was my final weight. That was a huge gain of 1.2 kg, up from 77.9.

I had a chance today to at least limit my cheating damage. But Round 2 of cheating did me in. It just so happened that some friends came over to eat. The same rule for family outings applies to friends coming over or visiting friends’ or relatives’ houses. These can hamper your efforts, and you are going to have to fashion a plan to deal with these situations. There are too many possible scenarios to give a tip that is going to apply to everybody’s situation. But like I said, I just sometimes refuse to go because it’s the only thing that allows me to maintain my weight. Life must be enjoyed, but it can be enjoyed with limitations.

Needless to say, I now have an even longer time to recover to 77.0 so I can begin my 100-day test. However, as will be seen in the next few blog posts, I recovered very quickly from this cheat day to get back down to 77.9. In fact, I actually did it in 2 days. Read Days 435 and 436 to see how I did it.

A Good Start Does Not Guarantee a Good Ending

Day 433

My run was pretty late today after getting up. It was about 5 hours later, and I had already had a meal and my usual never-ending flow of coffee. From a start of 77.9 kg, I did well on diet for this stretch of 5 hours. My weight was still only 78.1 before the exercise session. So while I had risen more than that right after eating, the normal drop over the ensuing 5 hours reduced that to 78.1.

As the title of this blog post says, a good start does not guarantee a good ending to a day of weight loss. I made diet mistakes today that hurt me, and my weight loss was exercise didn’t help much, either. However, I did end up breaking even and was still at 77.9 kg for the final weigh-in.

It was raining today. While I can’t prove it scientifically, it seems like running outside in the rain is not good for weight loss during an exercise session. Once again, I ran 90 minutes but only lost .8 kg. These poor results seem to happen again and again when it’s raining. I am very motivated and run even when it is raining. About the only time I stop is to avoid a downpour. But as long as it’s a light rain, it doesn’t stop me. Nonetheless, I have to avoid water puddles on the sidewalks, and this slowing down may be what causes poor results.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I was actually in pretty good shape. I was back up to 77.9, which is good because that was the day’s starting weight. At that point in the day, if I had just watched my diet, it would have been a very large weight loss. But I was still hungry. Unfortunately, things got out of control, and I ate too much from that point. What could have been a fantastic day turned into a breakeven day. Well, I can’t be perfect, and I accept this and keep looking to the next day to do better.

I actually rose all the way to 78.8 kg for the last meal. Most of that was some pork, and I guess it was more than what I thought I was eating. That is a very large increase from 77.9 to 78.8. At that point, there was even a chance of gaining weight by the time of the official weigh-in, at 8 in the morning. I had to lose down from 78.8 to 77.9 overnight to break even.

Having messed up my diet, I was fortunate enough to drop .9 kg and break even for the day. So my recovery down to 77.0 until I can start my 100-day test of a more flexible exercise schedule still has a ways to go.

Today was an example of a self-inflicted wound. It was all my fault, and I usually do better. It’s time to get back to better discipline tomorrow. Unfortunately, this did not happen. Read tomorrow’s blog for an even worse story. But I will recover from that, too.

Excelling In Only One Area Of Weight Loss Is Sometimes Enough For a Good Day

Day 432

My overall approach to losing weight is one of balance. I try to excel on diet and exercise on a regular basis. In reality, that is just not possible every day. Sometimes, I am going to eat too much, making it impossible to have a good day of weight loss or at least maintenance. However, this does not mean that you have to excel in both diet and exercise to have a good day. Sometimes, doing really well in one area is enough, so long as your performance is at least average or close to average in the other area. I am just talking about diet and exercise at this time, although there are other factors that can come into play. But in the end, those factors affect your diet or exercise, which are the two main factors that ultimately usually determine whether you succeed or fail.

Today, I actually lost .5 kg, which is obviously a very good day. And most of this was apparently due to diet. Today is an example of what I am talking about when I say that excelling is one area is sometimes enough.

I started at 78.4 kg and ran in the morning before eating anything. My weight dropped to 77.4 as a result of the run. This is average for a 90-minute run. If I were to overeat on a day like this, it’s still very possible to gain weight. In fact, I have done it many times on cheat days. Even a 90-minute session is not enough if my diet is bad enough.

Today, while my exercise was average, my diet made for a big weight loss of .5 kg. As per my usual practice, my first meal was the biggest. I rose to a little more than 78.1 kg, which was my weight after eating the first meal and going to the bathroom.

Whenever I can run and then eat and still have a weight lower than my pre-run weight, that is an extremely good position to be in. I was doing unusually well today when considering that my starting weight was 78.4 and was 78.1 after running and then eating the biggest meal of the day. So I was actually .3 kg below my pre-run weight.

After hitting 78.1, I only had 2 or 3 small snacks and never got over about 78.3 kg. This is unusually good, at least based on my Pentamize tracking records.

I am not saying that small snacks guaranteed weight loss or maintenance. But they sure seem to help. You just can’t be eating too many of them or using the “small meal” concept as an excuse to munch on stuff all day long.

Being at 78.3 around bedtime was great. I thought that I would be losing a huge amount of weight. It was somewhat strange that I only lost about .4 to 5 kg overnight despite sleeping close to 8 hours. But I was in such good position that it still resulted in a weight loss of .5 kg and a final daily weight of 77.9.

So today, my run was average, and my overnight weight loss was actually really low. But my diet performance was excellent. So balancing all that out, it was a big day of weight loss. This is what I mean by excelling in one area. You don’t have to be perfect to lose or maintain. Strive for the best diet and exercise. But don’t be upset when you can’t excel in both every day. I have found it impossible. But my plan is still working.

Disappointing Breakeven Day Halts Streak Of Weight Loss

Day 431

Today’s Starting Weight: 78.4 kg
Today’s Ending Weight: 78.4 kg
broke even

As my recovery continues, I have been reminded of the typical pattern of weight loss when using 90-minute runs on a daily basis. You will probably experience a similar thing. I will have a good day or maybe two good days and then level off. When leveling off, it’s not uncommon to have some days with a slight weight gain. Here is a sample:

Day 1: lose .3 kg
Day 2: break even
Day 3: gain .1 kg
Day 4: lose .1 kg
Day 5: lose .4 kg

So while the average of these days is .14 kg of weight loss per day, only one day was actually above that average. That is Day 1 in this example.

What is the point here? It’s that you should not feel bad when a lot of your days seem to be below the average. The reason the average is what it is is because of the really good days. Your goal is to keep going and just wait for those natural good days to occur. They do come if you have a successful balance between your diet and exercise. Of course, there can be medical problems that affect people, but I am speaking in general here.

In my current situation, Day 429 was my recent big day. That is when I lost .3 kg. Other than that, all recent days have been close to breakeven.

I ran before eating today and got down to 77.4. That was a loss during the session of about 1.0 kg. I was back up to 78.4 after the first meal and drinking water.

I don’t track this every day, but I have noticed that it’s good to be back at your pre-run weight when you finish your first post-run meal. That worked out perfectly today, where I dropped from 78.4 to 77.4 and then went back up to 78.4. If you aren’t used to this kind of Pentamize tracking, this might seem bad. It is not bad because you need to replace the water you just finished sweating out, anyway. If you have a good system, the weight loss occurs. Right after a run is not when you should be worried about your weight rising again. That is perfectly normal. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should be lax, either. This is why I am giving you the basic guideline that getting back up to your pre-run weight is pretty much where you want to be after your first post-run meal.

I was up to 79.1 after the third meal, which is pretty high. This is getting close to the breakeven point. However, I had quite a lot of water and coffee. At any rate, I use the breakeven point to decide when it’s time to be more careful the rest of the day. It’s like a warning sign. If you get up to that warning sign, it’s time to be more cautious. Only a small snack or two is okay at the time you reach the breakeven point.

After a couple of small meals (maybe “snack” is a more appropriate term), I was still at 79.2 at 7 in the evening. That is the exact breakeven point with 13 hours to go before the weigh-in.

Unfortunately, my weight didn’t drop much overnight. But I managed to get back down to 78.4, which made for a breakeven day. Just as discussed above, I am back in that “rut” after having a good loss of .3 2 days ago. When you read tomorrow’s blog, you will see that I broke right out of this rut and lost .5 kg. So the pattern continues yet again the day after this blog post. But it’s a good pattern overall although disappointing on some days.