Broke Even After Sacrificing Over Hunger Pangs At 11 At Night

Day 385

I was doing pretty well up until 8:30 at night or so today. But my body was still craving some food. I was at about 78.1 at that time. But after eating a little more, my weight got up to 78.4. That is still only 1.7 kg over the starting weight of 76.7 kg. However, this was my weight at 11 at night. So things might not end well for this daily period.

Whatever happens today, I have no regrets. In fact, I was still hungry at 11 at night for some reason. But before getting some more yogurt, I decided to weigh in. And that is when I discovered that .25 kg of yogurt would be pretty bad for me and almost guarantee a weight gain today. So I sacrificed and just told myself to ignore that hunger pang.

There is something I have written much on yet in this blog. In fact, I don’t even think it’s in my Pentamize book. As discussed above, I was still hungry even at 11 at night. A cup of yogurt would have done wonders for me. But since I was up to 78.4 kg, that would have put me at about 2.0 very late at night.

Here’s the good part. I went to bed a little hungry. But I woke up not very hungry. That hunger pang passed, and I was actually less hungry in the morning than the night before.

My weight loss overnight was pretty average. I was 77.7, and that was at 9:30 in the morning. Nonetheless, we can imagine how bad it would have been had I not exercised a little restraint.

I just wasn’t dropping much before the run and only hit 77.6 even after finishing up in the head. But the good thing is that my day finished with a respectable exercise weight loss of .9 kg. That dropped me to the starting weight of 76.7, which meant that I broke even today.

Breaking even on a day like this is considered a success to me. Now is the time when you want to think about the sacrifice you made the night before if you were in the same situation. I almost certainly would have gained weight today instead of breaking even if I had polished off that yogurt that I chose not to eat. Turning an almost-certain weight gian into a breakeven day should always be considered a successful day of sacrifice. Remembering the success will hopefully motivate you to sacrifice again when necessary. And as I have stated hundreds of times now on this blog, you know when it is time to sacrifice by continuously doing Pentamize tracking.

Another Good Weight Loss Despite Drinking Coke

Day 384

I ate a little more today than yesterday, including drinking quite a bit of coke. This may do me in for the day and cause a weight gain. But yesterday was so good and included such a small amount of food that I needed it, anyway.

I am currently doing just fine, at 76.9 kg (today’s starting weight). However, I’d like to get down to the lower 76 or even the 75s on a bit more regular basis. The problem is that cheat days and some break days almost always push me to the 77 or even 78 range. I popped up to 78.4 on the last day without exercising. So constantly working to lose back that weight has become a recurring part of my weight maintenance plan. The only way to avoid this is to have no cheat days and have only break days where I eat very little. Since neither of those is to my liking, I have pretty much decided to limit cheat and break days as much as my somewhat limited discipline allows, but to be committed to working hard to lose that extra weight when it does happen.

I probably overdid it today on eating, but this is something I cannot avoid every single day. Nonetheless, my weight went up to a max of about 78.8, or 1.9 kg of increase. At least this stayed below my 2.0 mark, but the likely problem is that it consisted of a fair amount of coke. That sugar is not going to help matters at all. We’ll see what happenes, but it seems probably that I will end up gaining a little weight by the end of this daily period.

My overnight was decent, coming in at 77.9 kg. At that point, I was still 1.0 kg over the 76.9 start.

Before running, I had a small snack that was probably only about .15 kg. And my weight was 77.7 even though that was 4 hours after getting up. However, because of the small snack, my weight was a little more than what it would normally be. Still, it is not going to have a large effect on the final result today.

My run ended up being a lot faster than recent sessions. I got all the way up to a heart rate of about 168 at the end of the session. The second half was actually much faster than the first half. I turned around and rectraced my path, and I came back like 5 minutes faster. It was definitely not 168 all the way. But the last half was close to that because I did not really speed up that much at the end. This is the kind of pace that I cannot do on a regular basis. The energy just isn’t usually there, but I found it today for some reason.

The result of .8 kg lost during exercise was a little disappointing for such a fast pace. I would have thought that I’d see a loss of 1.0 kg. But alas, that did not happen. But it broke me even for the day so far with a 76.9 kg. Then, I ended up losing weight today after going to the bathroom and weighing in at 76.7 kg.

Disappointing Run But Still Very Good Overall Result

Day 383

After a solid weight loss of .3 kg yesterday, I am hopefully in position to get on a roll and lose the weight recently gained from one cheat day and a separate break day. I have already lost back 1.1 kg, down to 77.4 from 78.5. Before the break and cheat day, I was down to 75.9 kg. So I had a large weight gain of 2.6 kg. That is way too big but not surprising. Since doing Pentamize tracking, I have seen over and over again that I really don’t have a good metabolism anymore and must diet and work out for successful weight maintenance.

The reason I like to limit cheat days to only 1 to 3 times a month is precisely because it is so hard to recover. If I could recover in only 2 days, this would not matter so much. But recovery can easily run into more than a week. So I simply can’t afford to take more than about a couple of cheat days per month.

Today, I was surprised to check the scale at 3:30 and see that my weight had increased to 78.9 kg, which was from a starting weight of 77.4. This is an example of why a lot of people gain too much weight and how not tracking the Pentamize way contributes to that. There is some extremely unfortunate, widespread advice out there to weigh in only about once a week. This might work if you know you have a winning plan and know that you are eating exactly what you are supposed to eat under that plan. But unless you have a finely tuned weight loss or weight maintenance plan and abide by it to the letter, then weighing in only once a week is like shooting in the dark. You may hit your target, but the odds are you are going to miss unless you get lucky.

After hitting 78.9 so fast, I decided to try to abstain from eating for a little while. This is now entering into some extremely hardcore Pentamize tracking. You know you are serious when you literally weigh yourself every couple of hours and make necessary modifications based on those results. In this case, I really want to lose some weight today because I am still upset at the inexplicable .4 kg weight gain from 2 days ago. Yesterday was a good recovery, so I want to continue that because I actually only need to lose .1 kg today to make back all of that weird gain.

From 3:30 to 6:30, all I did was drink a little bit of coffee. That helped me drop to 78.5 kg, which is solid and puts me only 1.1 kg over today’s starting weight of 77.4. This is a very good position to be in now. If a take just one more small meal, I will almost be guaranteed to lose weight today. Of course, weird things happen like 2 days ago. So we’ll just roll with whatever happens as long as I am at least doing the right thing.

I did well the rest of the night, ending at approximately 78.7 kg. That is only 1.3 kg over the starting weight. Honestly, I simply can’t do much better than that. I actually lost weight from 3:30 even when eating a little bit. And 1.3 also includes all fluids, which is usually just black coffee for me along with a little water to rehydrate after exercise sessions. The 78.7 is also about .4 kg better than yesterday’s max weight. Something is seriously wrong if I can’t lose weight by the end of this day.

My overnight weight loss was not terrible but a little disappointing. I was 78.1 kg. The good thing is this figure is .3 kg better than yesterday at almost the same time. So I have a good chance now to lose weight. The bad part is it shows that, once again, there is basically no way for me to maintain my weight unless I am either exercising a lot or starving. The only thing I have not really tried is a vegan diet or at least vegetable-heavy diet that minimizes meat intake. I guess I could try this, but it’s not clear whether my mind can even get around to that. And the other thing is it’s probably too expensive.

Progress got even better between waking up and the run. I dropped all the way down to 77.6 in almost 4 hours. So I was only about .2 kg over the starting weight even before running. This is good in that I am obviously going to lose a lot of weight today. But it is disappointing a little bit because it shows yet again that I have no chance of maintaining weight without a whole lot of exercise.

Despite having a good run and finishing up with a heart rate of about 144, my weight only dropped to 77.0 kg. That is a very low drop of only .5 to .6 kg. But I think you have to look at the Big Picture. This is probably because I just didn’t have that much weight to lose, such as excess water weight. Still, I lost .5 kg today after a final weigh-in of 76.9 kg.

Lost .3 KG And Comparison To Yesterday’s Results

Day 382

I am coming off of two wildly different days. On Day 380, I lost a huge 1.1 kg. Then, yesterday, I gained .4 kg. That is still a very solid weight loss of .7 kg over the course of the 2 days.

Today will still be a 60-minute run only. I was up to 78.9 at 4 in the afternoon, from a start of 77.7. This is a good (meaning small) 1.2 kg increase so far. Because sacrificing at least a little is important today, I need to start being careful and tracking closely to try to stay well under 2.0.

The rest of the day was pretty good as far as diet goes even though I ate half a pizza at close to 9 at night. Of course, eating that late when I usually sleep around 11 is not a good thing for daily tracking purposes. It can cause a higher-than-expected daily weight but might or might not affect your weight on a longer basis. So while some recommend not eating late at night for actual biological reasons, I can’t really say for sure whether that biologically affects my overall weight maintenance. But it’s still not good eating late at night when I am doing daily tracking and finishing each daily period at about 12 noon. However, this was not a huge pizza. I only ate about .2 to .3 kg at night.

That final meal started when I still weighed only about 78.9 kg. So my final weight increase today was only about 1.5 to 1.6 kg. This is far below the 2.0 kg guideline. It sets me up with a very good chance of losing weight today.

I had a better day overnight than yesterday, getting down to about 78.4 kg. That’s still not super compared to some days. But it’s not realistic to lose that much more when not even eating that much. While I have often lost over 1.0 kg, that is usually when eating a lot more food than today. So today’s overnight loss of approximately .7 is perfectly fine.

Also, unlike yesterday, my run was slightly better. I lost about .8 kg, getting down to 77.6. For some bizarre reason, yesterday’s session only showed a weight loss of about .5 to .6 kg.

The difference between today and yesterday is huge in both categories of overnight and exercise weight loss:

yesterday: .5 and about .5 to .6
today: about .7 and .8
overall difference: .4 to .5 kg in these two categories

This difference of .4 to .5 kg would generally be enough for me to at least break even today. In fact, I am going to do better than breakeven today because I was already down to 77.6 kg after the run. And I still have a couple of hours left and need to go to the bathroom.

After having a decent run, I was able to go to the bathroom and lose an additional .2 kg. My final weight for the day was 77.4 kg, for a weight loss of .3 kg. That was almost enough to make back the .4 kg gained yesterday. I am not happy being in the 77 range. But it’s going to happen for a while after a break or cheat day.

Gained .4 KG On a Weird Day

Day 381

After a day rising only 1.0 kg and then losing 1.1 kg overall, the goal today is to try not to go overboard on eating. This is a risk because I ate so little yesterday, which was a break day. But since I will be running today, it’s almost inevitable that I will be eating and drinking considerably more than 1.0 kg.

Today, I will stick to a one-hour run at the end of the 24-hour period. It’s possible that I will run 90 minutes a couple of times soon. But for now, I don’t want to do that because running for 60 minutes seems much better for my body as long as it actually works. For now, the great development is that I seem to have effectively adapted to eating a little less food. So the 60-minute regimen can hopefully be permanent.

As expected, I started out eating considerably more than yesterday, rising to about 1.4 kg by 5 in the afternoon (78.7 kg). And I still need a little more. So I am just going to try to stick to 2.0 kg or below because it doesn’t seem like I will get enough to eat if stopping now. Thus, I will eat a final smallish meal at about 6 in the evening. That is finishing pretty early while also hopefully giving me enough food to get through the night, run in the morning, and then wait 3 hours or so for the final weigh-in.

I weighed in after all meals and going to the bathroom and was 79.0 kg. That means I rose about 1.8 to 1.9 kg (didn’t track perfectly, but this is close enough). This amount could possibly cause me to gain a little weight today. It’s going to depend mostly on how much weight falls off overnight. Regardless, I would not be too surprised if I gain a little due to losing 1.1 kg yesterday. That is such a large loss that it may negatively affect me. At any rate, I think I’ll do so-so at worst.

Something ridiculous happened after hitting 79.0. I stopped eating for the rest of the night and went to bed. But when getting up, I was still 78.5. I figured at that time that I could hopefully save the day with a good run.

Well, I went out and seemed to have a pretty good run. My pace was at least around average for a 60-minute session. But when I stepped on the scale, I was still 77.9 kg. What a disaster. I have some days where I don’t lose much overnight but do well on the run or vice versa. But today, both results (overnight and exercise) were horrible. Each showed a weight loss of only about .5 to .6 kg. In fact, overnight may have been even less since my 79.0 weight was well before sleeping.

I still have a couple of hours before final weigh-in time, so there is some hope to get closer to even. But there’s no way I can get all that close to 77.3 now.

That run result was terrible, but it does happen from time to time. I have lost up to about 1.1 kg, but this low mark of .6 is about the worst I have seen. Yet, I have seen this before. So it’s not unprecedented. I don’t know why it happens when it does. But like I mentioned above, the fact that I lost so much yesterday may have an effect.

After exercising, the good thing is I had time to go to the bathroom as much as necessary before weighing in the last time for today. And it worked out so-so, dropping me to 77.7 kg. That left one hour before the weigh-in. I just couldn’t drop anymore even when going to the bathroom yet again. So my final weight was 77.7, which was a daily weight gain of .4 kg. I’ll need to be even more careful on my diet tomorrow to try to make up for this.