Finally Broke Even Despite Exceeding 2.0 KG Guideline Again

Day 399

I am absolutely reeling now, jumping .9 kg over the past few days. This bad streak started at 76.1 kg and is up to 77.0. The last 2 days, it’s clear what happened. My weight rose 2.4 kg on both days, and I have already determined that 2.0 is the Danger Zone. Obviously, going .4 kg is a major risk. The only good thing is that the weight came off pretty well overnight and during exercise, so I lost .2 kg each of those days when it certainly could have been worse.

Any kind of positive would be good now. So I will consider it a win just to stay below 2.0 kg today. Forget the end result. Just let me do something right. I started out pretty good. At 4 in the afternoon, my weight was at 78.4 kg. That is an increase of 1.4 from the 77.0 start. And I am only little bit hungry and thirsty at this point in the day.

A good start did not end up well. At 5:30 in the afternoon, my weight had drifted up to 79.2 kg. That is the same weight as yesterday. However, the increase was 2.2 instead of 2.4 because of the fact that my weight started at 77.0 instead of 76.8.

I once again have exceeded 2.0 and don’t really know the difference between the past 3 days and the days before that when doing about 3 to 4 weeks of 60-minute runs. Nothing jumps out at me besides drinking more water. And that does not seem like it would have much of an effect. All I can do for now is continue with my Pentamize tracking and see if my body adjusts back to lesser food intake needs. For some reason, I just haven’t been able to stay satiated the past 3 days.

By 7:30 in the evening, I had dropped to 79.0 kg. The weight seems to be reducing nicely so far. Let’s hope it keeps up. From that time until waking up at around 8 in the morning, I dropped to around 78.0 kg. This appears to be similar to yesterday’s mark, but I still need to go to the bathroom again. I probably have a pretty good chance of actually losing a little weight today. But I am not going to get too excited about it.

The thing that screwed up my progress today is that my weight only dropped from 78.0 to 77.8 from 8 in the morning to 12:30 in the afternoon. That was ridiculous. Fortunately, I was able to run hard and drop .8 kg during the run. That allowed me to finish at 77.0 and break even today. At least the 3 days of gaining weight in a row is over even though I didn’t actually lose today.

Gained .2 KG As Bad Streak Of Diet Performance Continues

Day 398

I have gained .5 kg over the past 2 days after a crazy drop of .9 kg the day before that. So over the past 3 days, I have still done well by losing .4 kg. However, 3 days in a row of gaining weight is not a good sign. It would be nice to at least break even today or hopefully lose a little.

My start was not so good. I rose to 78.3 kg after the first meal and rehydration from running. I did drink quite a bit of water. So a good portion of this initial weight gain was from the water. But that’s still not a great start. I’ll have to slow it down now. Yesterday, I topped out at 79.0 kg. That’s a bit too much.

At 5:30 in the afternoon, I was 78.5 kg. That is 1.7 kg over the day’s starting weight of 76.8. We are getting close to that 2.0 Danger Zone. But I should be okay with just one more small meal of about .2 kg. And I will eat that at about 6 in the evening.

Well, I have now done it 2 days in a row. I rose to 79.2 kg, which amounted to a 2.4 kg increase. That is the exact same amount of increase as yesterday. But yet again, I see no reason to complain about it. It seemed like the right amount. I had to keep eating a little more because my body felt the need.

This may just be a temporary thing. But if this trend continues, I will not be able to continue with 60-minute workouts. It won’t be enough. At any rate, it is probably due to the fact that I maxed out at only 1.3 kg right before this downswing. Maybe my body is just readjusting to a more appropriate level of food intake. And while water is obviously a good thing overall, it can cause a temporary weight gain. I have definitely drunk more water the past couple of days.

By 6:30 in the morning, I had dropped to 78.2 kg. That 1.0 kg drop from 79.2 occurred in roughly 12 hours. It’s a similar drop to what occurred yesterday. I weighed .3 kg more when waking up today, but that wakeup time was a little earlier. So it’s all pretty close. I do have about 6 hours before the official weigh-in. So all is not lost yet. It depends on whether my weight keeps dropping naturally over that period of time.

I had a pretty low drop to 77.8 by 12 noon. And my run was around average, with a loss of .8 kg. That gave me a final daily weigh-in of 77.0 kg. Just like yesterday, I gained .2 kg when rising to a max of 2.4 kg throughout the day. That 2.4 must come down, or I am destined to keep gaining weight.

Clarifying My 2.0 KG Guideline For 60-Minute Days

Day 397

Moving forward, there is no reason to change anything about my 60-minute plan except a clarification. Instead of 2.0 kg of daily increase being the base guideline, I should endeavor to always be below that unless genuine hunger pangs or lack of energy force me to eat more. 2.0 is an upper guideline, not an average guideline. While this is not a real change, it’s definitely an important clarification. Going over 2.0 is extremely risky on these days. So staying below it is important. This number should not be looked at as an average. It should be looked at as the Danger Zone that should ideally not be crossed.

Crossing that Danger Zone is sometimes necessary. Ironically, this is exactly what happened today. I was mega thirsty, and that contributed to a larger weight gain. But if it’s your body telling you that you must have that, there is no avoiding it on some days. So as seen below, I rose 2.4 kg today. Today, I went .4 kg into the Danger Zone. Going that far over is naturally going to get you in trouble, so I may gain weight today. But the key is to try to avoid doing it on a regular basis. It can’t be avoided every day unless your body is such that it needs the exact same amount of food and water every single day. That might be true for some people, but it’s certainly not for me.

Today’s results may be a little different due to the fact that I am drinking a lot more water. This can be seen in my early diet results for the day. After the first couple of smallish meals, I weighed 78.3 kg. That was an increase of 1.7 kg. It was actually a little more than that because that weigh-in was after going to the bathroom. So we will call it a max increase of about 1.8 kg so far. At 2 in the afternoon, that is already equal to yesterday’s max. However, a larger portion of this is due to water, as compared to yesterday.

It remains to be seen what effect this increase in water consumption will have, but it would generally be expected to have a corresponding larger decrease since water is absorbed and used by the body quickly. However, it is not always quick and can result in a one-day weight gain or possibly more than one day.

At 6 in the evening, my weight was 78.4 kg. After getting up to an increase of approximately 2.0, I dropped slowly to that amount. I am no longer all that thirsty but need a little bit to eat.

For my last meal, I rose to 79.0, which is about as high as I have been in weeks now. This could spell disaster. But I don’t think there is anything that could have been done. I don’t feel that I overate that much, and I really needed the water. So whatever happens, this 2.4 kg increase was meant to happen. It’s the right amount for me today regardless of the one-day result.

At 9:30 p.m., I had gotten down to 78.6 kg. That was a pretty fast drop of .4 kg. This will hopefully continue throughout the night. If not, another meltdown awaits.

That meltdown pretty much happened. When I woke up at 8, I had dropped to 77.9 kg. It could have been worse, but I was hoping for a whole lot more than that. It is way less than .1 kg per hour.

At 10 in the morning, my weight had reduced a bit to 77.7 kg. This is at least getting a little closer to yesterday, but there’s likely no way to get back down to 76.6 kg even with a 60-minute run. And depending on how much I lose during that session, it could be a total disaster. One of those days with only a .5 kg loss during the run would suck.

My result on a pretty hard run was a loss of .8 kg. That got me down to 76.9 kg. It was time to do the official weigh-in right after, and I went to the bathroom and then finished the day at 76.8 kg. That was a weight gain of .2 kg and better than expected at the time my running session started. So disaster was averted, and I just had a typical bad day instead of a meltdown. My guideline has proven to be correct again. Don’t go over 2.0 if possible. And if you do (2.4 in this case), you are likely going to gain a little weight. Of course, your guideline will probably not be 2.0. You can figure that out for yourself and even learn a 9-step shortcut in my Pentamize book.

Comparing 2 Days – One With .4 KG Of Weight Gain And The Other With .9 KG Of Loss

Day 396

First of all, there is no way that I can repeat today what happened yesterday. I lost .9 kg, dropping from 77.2 to 76.3. That is unusual, particularly on a day with a 60-minute running session. It’s even extremely high for 90-minute days, although I have done that a few times, according to my Pentamize tracking. So the first thing to accept is that that’s not going to happen again today. I still have a goal of maintaining a reasonable diet and perhaps losing a little. But expecting a large loss again is not in the cards, and this is definitely the case when considering that I will probably need a little more food today, as yesterday involved quite a bit of sacrifice.

At 3 in the afternoon, my weight had risen to 77.3 kg, which is an increase of 1.0 from the daily starting weight. The key now is to take in just enough food for needed energy, and I should be well below the 2.0 kg mark by the end of the day.

At 5:30, I was up to 77.6 and was ready to have one more small people plus a small amount of popcorn and a few chips later. This was still only 1.3 kg over. As expected, I will be eating a little more than yesterday, but not too much more.

I finished up eating and drinking at 7 and weighed 78.1 kg. That is .4 kg less than yesterday’s mark. However, it is .5 more in terms of overall consumption because I started out weighing so much more yesterday. At any rate, 1.8 is a good finishing-off number. As I clearly predicted, there was no way to keep it at 1.3 today, and that’s probably not even desirable because my energy level would stay too low at that low of a consumption level.

Well, I ended up eating another snack. However, at 10 at night, my weight was 77.9 kg, which was actually lower than the 7 p.m. mark despite the snack. For some reason, though, it was still about 77.9 at close to midnight, which is when I hit the sack.

The train went completely off the rails overnight. I gasped when checking my weight at 8:30 in the morning and saw that it was 77.6. That is the worst I have ever seen. From midnight to 8:30, I only lost .3 kg. That is dreadful and incomprehensible. But even bad records are made to be broken. This might be the result of having lost so much weight yesterday. So it’s still positive if looking at these 2 days together instead of isolating this one terrible result.

There is no way I could maintain my weight if losing only .3 kg during sleep all the time. But this does not happen all the time, so I will remain positive. Today, though, is almost guaranteed to show a weight gain because of that weird result.

My weight was 76.6 at the completion of the run. This is a full 1.0 kg, which has been hard to achieve lately. And I didn’t actually run that fast. It’s possible that my 77.6 weigh-in from above was off by .2 kg or so, meaning that my run result might have been about .8 instead of the full kilogram. That can happen with bathroom scales, which is another reason not to worry too much about temporary bad results. They might not be totally accurate. For my final weigh-in, I check a few times to make sure I am getting a more accurate reading. Even with digital scales, you can get slightly different results. I am not going to discuss the specifics of how to weigh in in this post. But you can click on the “how to weigh yourself” tag in the list below for more information on that topic.

After running, my weight seemed to be stuck. My final weigh-in was also 76.6 kg. That is a daily weight gain of .3 kg. That snack later at night probably hurt me. This still not so bad considering how great yesterday was. Giving some of that back was bound to happen either today or very soon.

I want to compare yesterday, which saw a weight loss of .9 kg, with 2 days ago, which resulted in a weight gain of .4 kg. There were many differences that played a role in producing this difference of 1.3 kg.

Regardless of any other factors, it is very clear what the main factor was. Plain and simply, it was my diet. To be more specific, I just ate less yesterday than the day before. During the day (before sleeping), my weight rose 2.2 kg 2 days ago. But yesterday, it only rose 1.3 kg. This factor showed a difference of .9 kg, which is already pretty close to the overall difference of 1.3. There is simply no question that diet was the major factor.

There were other factors, as well. 2 days ago was very strange when it came to weight lost while running. I lost only .5 kg when having a very good run that was a hard pace when compared to my usual speed. Yesterday was a lot better. I lost .9 kg even running slower. This is one thing I will never understand. I have no idea how that happened, but it sure felt good. It seems like my weight loss from a 60-minute run should be around .8 kg. But it often drops all the way to .5 even when achieving a decent medium-intensity session. This is just something that I don’t like but have to get used to. It seems that there will continue to be large fluctuations in weight loss and gain when running for 60 minutes.

These days were similar when it comes to overnight weight loss, meaning the amount of weight lost between completion of all meals and waking up. It was actually .9 yesterday and 1.1 the day before. So this factor did not largely affect the wildly different results.

Looking at these stats, it appears that the two major results in helping me yesterday were limiting my daily weight increase to 1.3 instead of 2.2 and also having a much better run result, which was a loss of .9, as compared to the previous day’s .5. These two factors, when combined, showed a 1.3 kg difference. And 1.3 is also the exact difference between these days overall. Not surprisingly, then, diet and exercise appear to have been the 2 major factors, with other things close to even.

Completely Turned Freefall Around With a One-Day Weight Loss of .9 Kg

Day 395

As of today, I have been in a huge freefall – one of the worst I have been in when not having taken a break or cheat day. I managed to get down to 76.1 kg, and the bottom then fell out. Today’s starting weight is 77.2 kg, which fortunately still shows a slight weight loss of .2 kg in the exercise testing period for one-hour jogging workouts.

I am committed to testing 60-minute runs for at least 45 days to give a more reliable indicator of whether these workouts are a viable long-term solution. It’s looking good so far, but the results seem to fluctuate more wildly than 90-minute workouts.

The other thing is that I absolutely cannot fail on my diet. If my weight increases above 2.0 kg, there is a good chance I will see weight gain by the end of the day. To stop this terrible landslide I am on now, it would really be good to stay well below 2.0 kg today. That 2.0 mark would be 79.2 kg. The goal is to stay as far below that as possible, but also without starving.

By 4 in the afternoon, I was doing really well so far. My weight was still only 78.1 kg. Unlike the past couple of days, I must triple down on the Pentamize tracking and make sure I don’t get anywhere close to a 2.0 kg increase. While I prefer not to have to track multiple times a day, my experience with my own Pentamize tracking system is that I must weigh myself repeatedly in order to avoid diet mistakes. It’s really easy to jump a full kilogram with one meal and without even realizing it. This is another benefit of eating small meals. The big meals, which are common when eating 3 times a day, can really get away from you. Just one of those meals can set you on an irreversible path to daily weight gain. So regardless of any biological considerations, better diet control is an excellent benefit of eating smaller meals (about 4 to 6 a day).

I finished at an extremely low weight increase of about 1.3 kg at close to 6 in the evening. That is a weight of 78.5 kg and .5 kg less than yesterday’s max of 79.0. Considering how badly both the overnight weight loss and exercise results were yesterday, I look poised to have a huge day of weight loss. In addition, my increase yesterday was 2.2, which means I have consumed .9 kg less today. The reason I am only .5 less instead of .9 is because I gained .4 kg yesterday overall. But even with that, I look to be in great shape.

These wild swings with one-hour workouts get to be exasperating. But as long as I can continue to recover each time, I believe I can get used to the emotions associated with these swings.

In the 14 hours from 6 in the evening until 8 in the morning, I dropped to 77.6 kg. That was from a daily high of 78.5 kg. That .9 kg represents quite a bit less than .1 kg per hour. However, once my run is finished, this will put me in excellent shape to lose weight on the day. I was hoping for even better, but this will have to do.

The weird results just keep continuing, but it’s good news today. I dropped all the way to 76.8 from my one-hour session even though it was substantially slower than yesterday. I have no idea how I lost only .5 yesterday and .8 today.

I also ran earlier today, giving me additional time to lose more weight. The plan is to weigh in earlier than yesterday, which is fine since I am going to record a very nice weight loss, anyway. I was already .4 kg under after the exercise session.

I weighed in about 90 minutes early and had lost .5 kg more even after the run. So my final weight was 76.3 kg today. That is a huge daily weight loss of .9 kg.

The difference between today and yesterday is like night and day in almost every way. Instead of talking about those differences in this blog post, I will lay them out in tomorrow’s entry, which is for Day 396.