Gained .1 KG When Reaching Daily Weight Increase Guideline

Day 400

Today’s goal is going to be just like every other normal day, which means to first limit my max weight increase to 2.0 kg or less. However, there is more of a focus on it now since it’s been about 4 or 5 days since I have lost weight. After 3 days of gaining weight in a row, I managed to break even yesterday. But overall, this is a serious bad streak that needs to be reversed.

My first two meals saw my weight increase to 78.6, which is from the starting point of 77.0 kg. That is 1.6 kg and does include quite a bit of water. I am already fairly close to 2.0 and realistically need to limit myself to a couple of small meals the rest of the day. This will not be easy, but it also shouldn’t be terribly difficult because I am not all that hungry.

At 5, I had eaten what should be my last meal and rose to 78.9 kg. However, I will still drink some coffee/water. That is an increase of 1.9 kg, so I am right at the cusp of the Danger Zone.

At 7, my body was screaming for a little more food. I decided it was not a good idea to starve all night. Despite the risks, it was better to get a little something to eat. Luckily, though, I had dropped to 78.7. So I was hoping to be able to eat a little bit without going over 2.0.

After eating that last meal, my weight was 78.9 kg. I had also gone to the bathroom before weighing in, so I maxed out at almost exactly 2.0. At least I will have some chance of losing weight this daily period.

I was 77.9 kg when waking up at 7:30 in the morning. This is a hair better than yesterday, but my weight will hopefully drop a lot more before the run than yesterday’s dismal results.

4 hours later, the scale said I was still 77.9 kg. I drank an extremely small amount of tea, so this number doesn’t make any sense at all unless my weigh-in when waking up was off or something. It looks like I’ll be gaining weight again today.

A full 5 hours later, the scale finally showed that my weight dropped to 77.8 kg. I have no idea what is going on with the time of day between waking up an running. But the past 2 days, my weight almost stays the same and doesn’t go down. This is killing my results.

My mental state is getting near the bottom of the barrel now for some reason. The only thing I can do today is go out and run really slow. In this case, I literally mean slowing way down and not even attempting to keep an average pace. Just finishing is all I feel like doing. Maybe I will get a burst of energy during the session. But I just don’t care about the pace today. I will make sure I am jogging the whole time, though. My experience is that walking is pointless for weight-loss purposes. I have even toyed with the idea of not running at all, but a session is necessary to avoid .7 to .8 kg of weight gain today.

My heart rate was about 120 to 128 during the 60-minute run. It was most definitely slower, just as I planned. And I lost approximately .6 kg for this slower session. Faster ones lately have been about .8 kg of loss during the session. So this is an acceptable result even though it’s pretty low. I lost .1 kg more in the bathroom and then finished the day at 77.1 kg. This means I gained the minimum today of .1 kg. When the run started, I was already expecting a gain because of the anticipated slower jogging pace. So the minimum gain is almost a win, although I have to do a little better to maintain my weight.

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