Clarifying My 2.0 KG Guideline For 60-Minute Days

Day 397

Moving forward, there is no reason to change anything about my 60-minute plan except a clarification. Instead of 2.0 kg of daily increase being the base guideline, I should endeavor to always be below that unless genuine hunger pangs or lack of energy force me to eat more. 2.0 is an upper guideline, not an average guideline. While this is not a real change, it’s definitely an important clarification. Going over 2.0 is extremely risky on these days. So staying below it is important. This number should not be looked at as an average. It should be looked at as the Danger Zone that should ideally not be crossed.

Crossing that Danger Zone is sometimes necessary. Ironically, this is exactly what happened today. I was mega thirsty, and that contributed to a larger weight gain. But if it’s your body telling you that you must have that, there is no avoiding it on some days. So as seen below, I rose 2.4 kg today. Today, I went .4 kg into the Danger Zone. Going that far over is naturally going to get you in trouble, so I may gain weight today. But the key is to try to avoid doing it on a regular basis. It can’t be avoided every day unless your body is such that it needs the exact same amount of food and water every single day. That might be true for some people, but it’s certainly not for me.

Today’s results may be a little different due to the fact that I am drinking a lot more water. This can be seen in my early diet results for the day. After the first couple of smallish meals, I weighed 78.3 kg. That was an increase of 1.7 kg. It was actually a little more than that because that weigh-in was after going to the bathroom. So we will call it a max increase of about 1.8 kg so far. At 2 in the afternoon, that is already equal to yesterday’s max. However, a larger portion of this is due to water, as compared to yesterday.

It remains to be seen what effect this increase in water consumption will have, but it would generally be expected to have a corresponding larger decrease since water is absorbed and used by the body quickly. However, it is not always quick and can result in a one-day weight gain or possibly more than one day.

At 6 in the evening, my weight was 78.4 kg. After getting up to an increase of approximately 2.0, I dropped slowly to that amount. I am no longer all that thirsty but need a little bit to eat.

For my last meal, I rose to 79.0, which is about as high as I have been in weeks now. This could spell disaster. But I don’t think there is anything that could have been done. I don’t feel that I overate that much, and I really needed the water. So whatever happens, this 2.4 kg increase was meant to happen. It’s the right amount for me today regardless of the one-day result.

At 9:30 p.m., I had gotten down to 78.6 kg. That was a pretty fast drop of .4 kg. This will hopefully continue throughout the night. If not, another meltdown awaits.

That meltdown pretty much happened. When I woke up at 8, I had dropped to 77.9 kg. It could have been worse, but I was hoping for a whole lot more than that. It is way less than .1 kg per hour.

At 10 in the morning, my weight had reduced a bit to 77.7 kg. This is at least getting a little closer to yesterday, but there’s likely no way to get back down to 76.6 kg even with a 60-minute run. And depending on how much I lose during that session, it could be a total disaster. One of those days with only a .5 kg loss during the run would suck.

My result on a pretty hard run was a loss of .8 kg. That got me down to 76.9 kg. It was time to do the official weigh-in right after, and I went to the bathroom and then finished the day at 76.8 kg. That was a weight gain of .2 kg and better than expected at the time my running session started. So disaster was averted, and I just had a typical bad day instead of a meltdown. My guideline has proven to be correct again. Don’t go over 2.0 if possible. And if you do (2.4 in this case), you are likely going to gain a little weight. Of course, your guideline will probably not be 2.0. You can figure that out for yourself and even learn a 9-step shortcut in my Pentamize book.

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