Completely Turned Freefall Around With a One-Day Weight Loss of .9 Kg

Day 395

As of today, I have been in a huge freefall – one of the worst I have been in when not having taken a break or cheat day. I managed to get down to 76.1 kg, and the bottom then fell out. Today’s starting weight is 77.2 kg, which fortunately still shows a slight weight loss of .2 kg in the exercise testing period for one-hour jogging workouts.

I am committed to testing 60-minute runs for at least 45 days to give a more reliable indicator of whether these workouts are a viable long-term solution. It’s looking good so far, but the results seem to fluctuate more wildly than 90-minute workouts.

The other thing is that I absolutely cannot fail on my diet. If my weight increases above 2.0 kg, there is a good chance I will see weight gain by the end of the day. To stop this terrible landslide I am on now, it would really be good to stay well below 2.0 kg today. That 2.0 mark would be 79.2 kg. The goal is to stay as far below that as possible, but also without starving.

By 4 in the afternoon, I was doing really well so far. My weight was still only 78.1 kg. Unlike the past couple of days, I must triple down on the Pentamize tracking and make sure I don’t get anywhere close to a 2.0 kg increase. While I prefer not to have to track multiple times a day, my experience with my own Pentamize tracking system is that I must weigh myself repeatedly in order to avoid diet mistakes. It’s really easy to jump a full kilogram with one meal and without even realizing it. This is another benefit of eating small meals. The big meals, which are common when eating 3 times a day, can really get away from you. Just one of those meals can set you on an irreversible path to daily weight gain. So regardless of any biological considerations, better diet control is an excellent benefit of eating smaller meals (about 4 to 6 a day).

I finished at an extremely low weight increase of about 1.3 kg at close to 6 in the evening. That is a weight of 78.5 kg and .5 kg less than yesterday’s max of 79.0. Considering how badly both the overnight weight loss and exercise results were yesterday, I look poised to have a huge day of weight loss. In addition, my increase yesterday was 2.2, which means I have consumed .9 kg less today. The reason I am only .5 less instead of .9 is because I gained .4 kg yesterday overall. But even with that, I look to be in great shape.

These wild swings with one-hour workouts get to be exasperating. But as long as I can continue to recover each time, I believe I can get used to the emotions associated with these swings.

In the 14 hours from 6 in the evening until 8 in the morning, I dropped to 77.6 kg. That was from a daily high of 78.5 kg. That .9 kg represents quite a bit less than .1 kg per hour. However, once my run is finished, this will put me in excellent shape to lose weight on the day. I was hoping for even better, but this will have to do.

The weird results just keep continuing, but it’s good news today. I dropped all the way to 76.8 from my one-hour session even though it was substantially slower than yesterday. I have no idea how I lost only .5 yesterday and .8 today.

I also ran earlier today, giving me additional time to lose more weight. The plan is to weigh in earlier than yesterday, which is fine since I am going to record a very nice weight loss, anyway. I was already .4 kg under after the exercise session.

I weighed in about 90 minutes early and had lost .5 kg more even after the run. So my final weight was 76.3 kg today. That is a huge daily weight loss of .9 kg.

The difference between today and yesterday is like night and day in almost every way. Instead of talking about those differences in this blog post, I will lay them out in tomorrow’s entry, which is for Day 396.

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