Ridiculous Meltdown And Strangely Horrible Exercise Results

Day 394

Despite reaching somewhat of a low point psychologically, I have still been very successful in weight maintenance with my current testing on one-hour running sessions. My starting weight was 77.4, and today’s starting mark was 76.8. So I have lost .6 kg over this testing period.

The results so far are especially encouraging because they include one full cheat day, a partial cheat day, and one full break day. And that break day was a complete disaster, where I rose from 77.0 to 78.4 kg. So even after that, I have lost weight again from that 78.4 high.

One thing I have noticed with this one-hour routine is that my weight fluctuates quite a bit even without considering the break day. It went down to 75.9 and back up to 77 before the break day. Then, I steadily got back down to 76.1 after the break day and then have gone back up to 76.8. Thus, keeping in mind that break days and cheat days are really bad for me, it seems that my weight has been fluctuating but mostly staying in the 76 range while doing these 60-minute sessions. It may go down into the 75 range a little or up into the 77 a little. However, my weight maintenance is successful in that it seems to balance out in the 76 range despite some fluctuation within that range. I suppose it could get worse and veer into the mid or high 77s. But that has not happened yet. The one 78 result was due to a break day, and I had no problem cutting that back down to the 76 range.

Today, I started at 76.8 and rose to about 78.0 at 4 in the afternoon. That was a good start of about 1.2 kg, including drinking water but also going to the bathroom. All in all, a little discipline should help me stay below a 2.0 kg increase today. I do not seem as hungry right now as yesterday.

I finished up all eats and drinks at 6 in the evening. Unfortunately, I rose more than expected and weighed 79.0 at that time. That is a daily increase of 2.2 kg. Still, that is only .2 kg over the daily guideline, and I am finishing early and feeling content enough to get through the night. I may or may not gain weight today, but this is not such a bad performance on my diet. There are about 17 hours before my run. That is plenty of time to digest the food in my system, but this is probably going to be another tough day by the time it’s all over.

Almost exactly 15 hours later, my weight was 77.9 kg. That means I lost 1.1 kg during that time period. I prefer it to be .1 kg per hour of natural burn without exercise. Although it is sometimes more than that for shurt bursts, the reality is it seems to average a little less than .1 per hour. And when the wheels really fall off like yesterday, it can be way less than that (lost only .4 kg overnight even when getting about 9 hours of sleep).

77.9 is not good enough to lose weight today yet because that leaves me with 1.1 kg more just to break even. But I still have my jogging session ahead of me plus 3 to 4 more hours of natural weight loss, including bathroom time.

Although my weight was fine as far as overnight results, it didn’t drop much at all after getting up. It was a little past 12, and I was still at 77.7. This almost certainly means that I will gain weight again today. It’s not clear what is going on, but I can’t do that much better as far the amount of food eaten. Additionally, my body is not at the right energy level to run hard today. I can just feel that is not going to happen. So I may actually finish in the 77 range by the time this run is over.

And the meltdown just keeps going. I had a decent run, finishing with a 140 heart rate. Yet, to my dismay, I only lost .5 kg. I haven’t a clue why it would be so low, but this has happened a number of times since I began closely tracking 60-minute running sessions. Because of this dreadful result, I finished today at 77.2 kg and gained .4 kg for the day. This is like total meltdown mode now. I was 76.1 and am now 77.2 even with no break days or cheat days. However, the 77.2 is still .2 kg below the starting mark of 77.4 for the testing period. So I am still slightly better than breakeven on 60-minute sessions even with break and cheat days.

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