Bottom Completely Dropped Out Overnight, But Good Run Helped Limit Weight Gain

Day 393

Sometimes, it is just too hard to stay below 2.0 kg. I am experiencing this today. At 5 in the afternoon, I had risen to about 1.8 kg (78.4 from 76.6).

It would be great if that were enough food for the rest of the day. But that is not happening at the moment. I am still a little hungry and am going to have to eat something. My plan is to try to limit this to no more than about 2.2 kg. That allows me .4 kg more food, and I’ll drink water slowly for a few more hours. Although that will exceed the guideline, the reason it is a guideline is because I simply can’t stay below this every day. I refuse to starve.

At 10 in the evening, my weight was at 78.5 kg, or 1.9 kg above the starting weight for the day. It was probably at a max of about 2.1, although I did not specifically measure it after eating a pizza. When I talked earlier about needing to eat more, I decided to eat a pizza. We are not talking some huge pie here. It was a whole frozen pie from the store, but the entire pie was only about .3 kg. I often eat pizza and do okay simply because I keep it to that small size. It’s enough for a good meal without overeating. And today, it was enough to cure my hunger pangs.

Something extremely weird happened overnight. I actually overslept and was sleeping about 9 hours. I literally gasped when checking my weight and seeing that I had only lost .4 kg in all that time. My weight was still 78.1. That is a shockingly low loss of only .4 kg in 10 1/2 hours. That’s a demoralizing result. It’s not that this has never happened. I did register a loss of only .4 kg overnight a while ago. But it’s very unusual, and I have no idea why that would happen.

I have 2 hours before it’s time to go running. This will still be a one-hour session because I don’t want to mess up my tracking. But I will actually be back to even if I don’t get below 77.4 kg, which was my starting point when beginning the 60-minute sessions.

Even 3 hours later, after going to the bathroom and giving some extra time for possibly delayed digestion, I only lost an additional .3 kg. My weight was still sitting at 77.8 kg. This is a complete disaster. I am about to go run and am still 1.2 kg over today’s starting weight. There is almost no way that I can even get down into the 76 range. As far as my run goes, I don’t think I have enough energy to run hard. So I am going to go and have a decent, pretty average session.

I can’t explain any of this. It is just nuts. But there is one good thing here. I started doing these one-hour runs, fully expecting to only break even. I was actually surprised to be able to lose weight. And I have even had a break day and a cheat day during this testing period. So what I may see is that I am still successful with these tests because I am still at least breaking even. Perhaps I will have to do some longer runs from time to time instead of always sticking to one-hour sessions only.

Starting at 77.8, I had a hard run and lost .9 kg. That was about the same yesterday’s results. But the terrible overnight results were just too much to overcome. I did lose .1 kg from going to the bathroom, which saw me finishing at 76.8 kg. That is a daily weight gain of .2 kg. That amount is almost a relief considering what happened overnight. So I have almost dodged this bullet and was just nicked a bit. Hopefully, I can reverse this for tomorrow.

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