Very Hard Run Helps Me Register a Slight Weight Loss

Day 392

I have gained .6 kg the last two days, with .1 2 days ago and .5 yesterday. 3 days in a row of weight gain is not a very common occurrence for me. And it starts to get very difficult to recover if a streak of daily weight gain goes into the 3rd day or longer. So while I don’t worry too much on a daily basis about possibly gaining a little weight, today is more important than just the average day. I would like to avoid that 3rd day in a row of weight gain.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, my starting weight of 76.7 had risen to 77.8. That’s a good start on the diet of only 1.1 kg with probably 2 small meals to go. Of course, I will also be drinking my usual coffee.

I had a little popcorn and a little cake today. But I don’t think I would call it cheating because it was such a small amount (probably about .2 kg all together). This is the kind of snack that I often have (sometimes multiple times in a week) because the amount is so small that it does not hurt my diet in any substantial way. This really small snack is different than yesterday, where the coke, by itself, was about .5 kg. In my experience, a snack of .1 to .3 kg, even if eaten daily, is not harmful. Anything above that, and it can start to hurt your weight loss or maintenance.

At 7:30 in the evening, my weight had gone up to about 78.5 kg and then 78.4 after using the bathroom. I could use a little more food, but this is all for the night because it’s time to sacrifice a little. My max weight increase today was about 1.8, which is way better than yesterday. However, my actual max weight is close to the same because I started today .5 kg heavier than yesterday. Still, this is good overall because I am finishing all my food earlier in the evening and have also eaten less than yesterday. I am focusing on these positives, and a run tomorrow should be good enough for me to lose a little weight since I have something like 15 hours until that time. There are no guarantees, but this is looking pretty good so far.

I woke up at 8 in the morning and weighed 77.3 kg. That was a drop of about 1.2 kg in 12 to 13 hours. This is a stark difference compared to yesterday, when my weight was 77.8 when waking up. It’s not totally clear what happened yesterday, but it may have just been that I had more junk food. At any rate, a gain of .5 or more does happen from time to time, often with no clear cause. As long as it is not happening frequently, then it’s probably not a serious problem. In my case, I am maintaining weight despite these occasional bad days. The downer is that it forces me to exercise almost every day.

At 11, my weight still showed a 77.3, which is basically impossible because I didn’t drink or eat a thing and also went to the bathroom. It’s possible that my tracking was a bit off at 8 in the morning since I didn’t really double-check.

I had one heck of a hard run, finishing at a 164 heart rate. I had also checked at the 40-minute mark and registered a 156. Yet, the results were very disappointing for some reason. The scale showed a during-session weight loss of .7 kg, for a final weight of 76.6 kg. That was also today’s final weight because it didn’t change after going to the bathroom. So I did lose weight today. But it was a puny .1 kg. Anyway, my usual philosophy that any weight loss is good still applies to today’s result. Weight maintenance is not like balancing a budget. You can do your best and still get less-than-expected results at times.

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