Gained Half a Kilogram Due Mostly To Poor Diet

Day 391

This was meant to be a typical day with no cheating plus a continuation of my 60-minute runs. It turned into a bad day on the diet portion of my weight maintenance plan. I had some coke and also ate a little too much.

I was up to about 78.2 kg at 6 in the evening. I then dropped to about 78.0 after going to the bathroom and rose to 78.1 when eating a meatball.

Shortly after the meatball, I ate some yogurt and went to the bathroom. That evened my weight back out to 78.1.

I am going to have one more smallish meal to finish the night. So I will be right around the 2.0 kg mark of 78.2. This is more than the past few days, but that’s hardly a serious problem. I don’t have a great chance of losing weight now. But that chance can’t come every single day.

I stopped tracking but still ate an additional small amount of food. So the only thing clear is that I went a little over the 2.0 kg mark. And the results were a complete mess when I woke up in the morning. My weight was still 77.8 kg, which was 1.6 kg over the 76.2 kg start.

This is the highest amount I have been at in a while after several days of not reaching the max guideline of 2.0 kg. However, reaching 2.0 is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, I lose weight on days when going over 2.0 and also still gain weight when not reaching this guideline.

I also had a small coke that weighed about .5 kg. This, of course, is not helpful to dieting, and that weight is about 25 percent of my max guideline. But such a reward is necessary at times in my mind. Otherwise, I feel like I am missing some enjoyment in life. A coke is enjoyable to me. At the same time, it’s crucial to limit these rewards to a reasonable degree. For me, it’s about 3 times a month, including a small coke and usually a higher amount on one or two cheat days. Limiting such a reward to a 500 ml small coke on non-cheat days is a good idea. You don’t want to go crazy on such a day and drink 2 liters of soda pop.

Even though I am clearly going to gain weight even with a run, the plan is to stick to a one-hour running session. I am still in the process of testing this exercise routine, and some bad days are necessary to get a more accurate picture. I even have plenty of bad days when running for 90 minutes. So this is an unavoidable part of every exercise routine that I have ever tested since developing and using the Pentamize tracking system. Today, though, it’s pretty much just my fault for a little too much overeating.

I managed to drop down from 77.8 to 77.6 when going to the bathroom. And I finally got down to 77.4 for my final bathroom break before running. This should turn a holy disaster into just a typical bad day. Even with the additional .4 kg weight loss before exercise, I will still gain weight. But it will not be nearly as bad as I feared it would be. I guess I could go out and lose only .5 kg like the other day. But we will see.

Despite a strong run, I had an unexpectedly average result. I lost only .7 kg, dropping to 76.7. And even after going to the bathroom, it was a small pee and didn’t even drop me .1 kg. It was time to weigh in, so 76.7 was my official weight for the day. That made for a large weight gain of .5 kg, up from 76.2. I am now on a really bad 2-day streak of weight gain. Any amount of weight loss tomorrow will be fine for me. I just want to halt this downswing.

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