Another Day of Weight Loss As One-Hour Sessions Continue To Deliver

Day 389

I have now almost completely recovered from my recent high of 78.4 kg after a break day. Yesterday’s final weight and today’s starting weight is 76.2 kg. So it’s possible that my weight could get down into the 75 range again. My lowest mark since starting 60-minute runs was 75.9 kg. Then, things went bad for a while due to break and cheat days, which is what caused me to swell up to 78.4.

From a start of 76.2 kg today, I initially rose to 77.4 after the first meal. That was a good starting amount. However, I crept up to 77.9 after the next meal, which was in increase of 1.7 kg. With 2.0 being the max guideline, I could see it was time to slow down a little.

In this case, it’s nice if you can abstain from eating anything for at least 3 hours. This gives you time to hopefully go to the bathroom and naturally lose a little weight, keeping in mind that you do naturally lose weight throughout the day even when not exercising. As long as yo aren’t eating, then you are going to slowly lose weight. The issue is that the amount you lose is often not enough to make up for overeating or lack of exercise. But I am not talking about that. I am saying that waiting until you lose .2 or .3 kg and then eating a little more can help keep you at or below your daily max guideline.

In this case, I did stop eating for a while and dropped to 77.7 kg. That was a 1.5 kg increase, and this method was achieved perfectly this time. It allowed me to eat a little more yogurt and finish eating for the day at about 77.95 kg (this is an estimate, but it was well below the 2.0 guideline).

Having met my diet goal for the day, the only thing left to do is hope to lose quite a bit overnight and then have a decent 60-minute run in the morning. In this case, I got down to 77.0 when waking up – an excellent mark when considering my relatively light diet today. I don’t know exactly how much of that was during sleep. However, it was a loss of close to 1.0 kg in about 13 hours, which included sleep time.

With my weight being 77.0, I needed to lose at least .8 kg more to break even or more to actually lose weight today. The run felt slightly slower than yesterday, but I still finished up at a heart rate of about 140. That was enough to lose .9 kg during the run. So I had already gotten down to 76.1 and lost .1 kg on the day with about 2 hours before the final weigh-in.

After the run, my weight seemed to be stuck at 76.1, and that’s where the day ended. This can and does happen often. You will sometimes go 3 hours and not lose one bit of weight even when not eating or drinking anything. Then, in the next 3 hours, you might lose .5 kg. However, my Pentamize tracking does not cover that sort of thing because I eat multiple small meals per day. It is rare for me to go 6 hours while awake without eating anything. That only happens during sleep time.

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