Big Weight Loss On a Strawberry Smoothie Day

Day 388

Yesterday, I finally completed 3 straight weeks of 60-minute sessions. And with a starting mark of 77.4, I lost .9 kg over that time. This included one break day, one really big cheat day, and then a smaller cheat day. I also had some snacks on several days, but not so much that those would be considered cheat days. At any rate, this is a very good weight loss, mostly because of a much more disciplined diet than I had when running 90 minutes per day. I really needed to run less because 90 minutes all the time was getting to me. In short, I have a lot more confidence going forward that this exercise routine (one hour of jogging) can be sustained for a lifetime. The 90-minute runs were iffy because they are just a little too much on my knees and ankles.

My diet is off to a great start today. I was up to 77.6 kg at 4 in the afternoon. That is only 1.1 kg over the starting weight of 76.5.

It’s good to finish eating early, but that isn’t going to work this time. I will drink smoothies at about 8:30 at night. However, to make up for that, the plan is to abstain from eating and drink water and coffee only until that time. So the 77.6 plus water and smoothies and some very small snack of meat should keep me well below 2.0 kg. I’m not sure about that, but it sounds like a good plan.

While I did very well up until 8 and stayed even at 77.6 kg, I had a little more than expected for that last meal. The smoothies and about .2 kg rose me to 78.3 kg, or 1.8 kg over the starting point. That could hurt me, but it will hopefully be fine since the smoothies are a pretty good diet choice.

My weight came down to 77.4 by morning. That was .9 kg in about 11 hours, which is pretty typical. I will be running a little early now and will have to abstain from eating for about 3 hours after the session.

The weather is cooler now, so I don’t expect to lose quite as much when running. But I still lost .8 kg today during a steady and fairly fast session that ended with a heart rate of about 144. This is a pretty good estimate of what my heart rate was throughout the session, so it’s definitely an above-average pace. So as the weather gets cooler, I am not expecting many one-hour runs that are going to exceed .8 kg of weight loss. Today, that got me down to 76.6 kg, or just .1 kg over the starting weight. However, that was very good because I still had 2 or 3 more hours before the weigh-in.

Despite weighing in more than an hour early, I had a big weight loss of .3 kg when finishing at 76.2. I had gone to the bathroom twice during that time. It’s interesting when considering that I had those smoothies really late at night. But these results show that those smoothies digested really fast. I may consider doing smoothies more. Last nigt, they were made only of strawberries, milk, and a pretty small amount of sugar. Of course, I would have to watch the sugar if deciding to drink more smoothies.

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