Review Of 60-Minute Running Days So Far (Clear Success In Weight Maintenance)

Day 387

After a weird day where I broke even, my energy will hopefully be at a little bit higher by the time of the morning run. It will be another 60-minute session, and I’d like it to be slightly faster than Day 368’s jaunt.

My starting weight today was 76.7 kg. And that was also my starting weight yesterday, which was after dropping from 76.9 the day before that.

Running for 60 minutes has proven to be very successful so far. I lost weight during the initial 7-day test and decided to just keep on going with one-hour sessions. In fact, despite having one break day, I have still lost weight over this period without a single 90-minute run. And to be clear, most of these days have actually been between 55 and 60 minutes. I have stopped up to 5 minutes early on probably the majority of days.

The initial 7-day test was not long enough to confidently draw a conclusion on whether one-hour running sessions are enough for me to lose weight. But as time goes on, it’s looking like one hour is enough as long as I maintain the proper diet. Without diet control, I would be totally screwed. But this is not surprising, as diet is crucial to weight loss and maintenance unless your metabolism is such that you just don’t gain weight, anyway.

Counting up the days with 60-minute runs so far, Day 386 (does not include today) was the 20th day. That includes one break day, one cheat day, and one semi-cheat day. Including these days is actually good for this update because it allows me to see if I can recover from the cheat and break days.

My starting weight was 77.4 kg, and I was 76.7 kg at the end of Day 386. While that is only roughly .035 kg per day of weight loss, it’s a huge success because the only goal was to see if I can maintain my current weight with 60-minute running sessions. So any actual weight loss is a bonus. And .7 kg of weight loss over this 20-day period is a nice overall achievement.

What is even better is that I actually rose sharply from 77.0 to 78.4 on my one break day. So I started at 77.4, got down to 75.9 at one point, went back to 77.0 due to a cheat day, skyrocketed to 78.4 overnight, and then started losing again. And by the end of the 20th day, I was back down to 76.7 kg.

Just as with 90-minute sessions, I do have some days with weight gain. But the overall result is what counts. And 20 days of results is enough to say that I probably have a winning formula here.

There is something else to note, though. I previously tested 60-minute days and did not have much success. But the breakthrough I have made and what is probabl indispensable for me is the 2.0 kg maximum weight increase guideline. This means that, whatever my weight is at the beginning of the day, it should never go more than 2.0 kg over that. For example, if I were to have an average increase of 2.5 kg, I would likely gain weight. So I must maintain a lighter diet than when running 90 minutes a day. When running 90 minutes on a regular basis, I very frequently increased to 2.5 and even 3.0 kg. That just isn’t going to work for me if I want to stick to 60-minute exercise sessions.

At 6:45 in the evening, my weight was around 78.5 kg, or 1.8 kg over today’s starting mark. I am going to attempt to stop eating for the rest of the night. However, I will be drinking some coffee. Yesterday’s max increase was 2.0. Drinking coffee could potentially get me up to that amount.

When I woke up at 6:30 in the morning, I had achieved a pretty nice drop down to 77.6 kg. That was .9 kg in about 12 hours, with about half of that being sleep. This is somewhat better than yesterday at the same time. I’d like to take a break some day or even run less than an hour. But this will have to be based on results before the run, and it’s awfully difficult for me to come close to even without extreme dieting. I think I am going to have to be happy with reducing from 90 to 60 minutes. Reducing even more is probably not going to happen with my current diet. As I always say, the only other thing I could see doing is to go heavy on vegetables and reduce meat and other food types. That’s not something that is likely since my history with vegetables is not good. The amount I would have to eat to get full would be too expensive, anyway. This is a major problem with current food pricing in every country I have been to so far. For health reasons, vegetables should be as cheap as possible. But if you actually want to eat dirt cheap, you need to buy some pretty crappy food as filler – at least crappy when it comes to dieting (bread, rice, etc.).

I finished off the day dropping to 77.2 before the run and then 76.5 by the end of the run. So my official weight was 76.5 and a loss of .2 kg. I lost .7 kg today, which is not great but is a heck of a lot better than yesterday’s weird .5. Again, though, an extremely strong wind was a possible factor. Today, the wind was not very strong at all in any direction.

Including today, which makes 21 days, I have now lost .9 kg since starting the 60-minute sessions with the 2.0 kg guideline. As stated above, this is looking like a solid long-term approach. I am going to continue with these sessions for a while to get a little more testing in the books.

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